Got an email from my director today morning.

Hi all,

Since Project M is launched in Jan. We have been doing XXX.

It had been a long struggling for us to fix this problem. Many of our man hours were put in to prevent this from becoming to a disaster.

Together with our AAA department colleagues, we managed to stablise this.

I am pleased to inform since, 20 Aug, we are no longer doing XXX. The exceptions are now being handled thru the normal channel.

As a token of appreciation of your hardwork and perseverance in fixing this, I would like to invite you for a small lunch

Date: Fri, 31st Aug
Time: 12.30noon – 2pm
Venue: Meeting Room A
Food – Pizza, muffin, old chang kee curry puff, coffee and tea and maybe some fruits.

PS – AAA department colleagues will be joining us too.

I still remember being super duper busy during Feb because of this. So busy that I was OT-ing every night. So busy that I almost need to come back to office on the 2nd day of chinese new year. So busy that I hardly had any time to company my gf at that time. (Someone said that maybe we won’t break up if I wasn’t that busy during that period. I wasn’t sure about it.)

Well, at least it is over. I’m glad I was part of the team in solving the error. It gave me a chance to show everyone my full capabilities.

Its nice that our director decided to give everyone involved a treat. Although it’s just a small token of appreciation, it is the thoughts that really counts.

Sometimes, I don’t mind doing a lot. End of the day, I just want to be appreciated.

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