Sometimes I think that it is because I cried too much when I was young, that why I couldn’t cry now.

I still remember that I was a crybaby when I was young. Crying over small matters. I know it was bad. But as I grow older, I begin to cry lesser and lesser. Until now when I find it hard to cry anymore.

It was so bad that sometimes when I was feeling sad or hurt, I would try to force myself to cry. Tears are amazing things. They warm your face and comfort you when you at feeling down. They dry up on your cheek and encourages you to stand up again and move on.

I still remember several times when I was feeling so hurt that I wish I could cry but I just simply can’t. The feeling was terrible. I was already feeling that bad already, why couldn’t I shed some tears to comfort myself. Sometimes, it would take a few days of continuous pain and sadness for me to shed a few drops of tears. I was sad, yet glad and comforted when the tears flows across my cheek.


I wish I could cry tonight. Am only human. There is only this much pain I can endure. For the first time ever, the thought of giving up occurs in my mind. But I couldn’t bear to put down everything and walk away as if nothing ever happen. There is too much to lose.

It’s really painful, yet the tears just won’t flow.


  1. cry if you must, don’t resist it, you will feel better…

    when you cry on the outside, the inside starts healing 🙂


  2. What happened? I hope nothing is wrong..

    Crying is a good way to relieve your pain, its definitely not a sign of weakness. In fact, being able to cry is one of the wonders in life.

    Keep crying if you must to relieve your pain.

    Or you can call me to talk if you want to 🙂

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