RECENTLY, a friend and I talked about the sweetest kiss – does the crux lie in the kisser, the context of the kiss or the way the kiss was executed?

IMHO, it is the amalgamation of all of the above – allow me to explain. While a kiss by another other name would still be a kiss, it is the kisser who determines the type of kiss it will be, and how the kiss will be – strong, passionate and forceful, or sweet, lingering and unforgettable.

To me, the context of the kiss matters too – it sets the mood, the atmosphere – the unforgettable scene in the car in Titanic will be q different if it took place in a public toilet, will it not?

Finally, the way the kiss is executed with the above two in place – though it is still debatable about whether the skills of the kisser matter, the sincerity of the kisser matters too. How one’s feelings for another is expressed through this simple yet intimate gesture.

The sweetest kiss I’ve experienced was sincere, tinged with innocence, laced with longing and executed languorously, which left me breathless and of course, wanting for more.

And everyone should experience at least a kiss like this once in their lifetime.

Thanks Dk for allowing me to post this for posterity! I can come back in 30 years, read about this, reminiscence some and hopefully, have gotten more sweet kisses by then! 😉

It was my Nephew’s full month party last Sunday. Sis and brother-in-law ordered buffet and invited quite a number of relatives and friends over to celebrate.

As usual, when relatives come to such events, they will surely ask those questions like when is my turn.

Relatives: When is your turn?
Me: My turn over liao.
Relatives: Huh?
Me: I had my full month party 27 years ago mah. You didn’t come meh?
Relatives: Hahaha….
*Me tries to walk away*

Don’t understand why relatives always ask such questions at wedding and full month party. Don’t they have other topic to say? And they also don’t know how to ask the right questions. When is my turn? I had mine 27 yr ago.

Ok, ok… I know they don’t mean that. I know they mean when is my turn to have baby and full month party. Tsk tsk….. Don’t have girlfriend yet, and they now talking about having baby. What they want me to do? Shotgun?

Anyway, here a picture of my nephew.

Isn’t he cute? 🙂

S’pore is world’s 4th least corrupt nation
It moves one notch up, after New Zealand, Denmark, Finland which tie for the top spot in Transparency International’s 2007 index.

SINGAPORE moved up one notch to become the world’s 4th least corrupt nation in Transparency International’s 2007 index released on Wednesday.
It was ranked fifth last year in the annual study of the level of corruption in the public sector in 180 countries.

Faring the best in the survey were Denmark, Finland and New Zealand, in a first-place tie with each scoring of 9.4 on the Corruption Perception Index (CPI).

Singapore shared the 4th spot with Sweden, scoring 9.3.

After the recent ministers pay increments, Singapore managed to move up one notch to become 4th least corrupt nation. We are beginning to see the effects of the minister pay increments. This is good news and will surely shut the naysayers’ mouth. And the minister’s pay increment was only 5 months ago. I’m glad that we are seeing effect within such a short time span.

But hold the champagnes first. Let’s face the sad reality. Being number 4 is not good enough. Singapore is a unique country which cannot afford to be in the 4th position. If we want to be the hub for everything that is hub-able, we must aim for the number 1 spot. Yes, it is important for our country’s survival. And we need to do something about it urgently. Or we our gals will end up as maids in other country and guys as construction workers.

The government is right. Increasing the minister’s pay does make Singapore less corrupted and a better place. We should continue on this proven model. I suggest that we have an urgent parliament session soon to discuss the next minister pay increment. The last increment wasn’t high enough, that is why we only managed to go up 1 position. I suggest doubling all ministers and civil servants salary. Plus give them gold tap in their toilet and 12 month bonus if we get 1st position for the Corruption Perception Index next year. This should be in everyone’s KPI for year 2008. This is a very important issue. Other stuff like better medical healthcare for the poor and old are not important. Who cares if the old folks are collecting soft drink cans from dustbin?

We need to increase our minister’s pay quickly so that Singapore can get the top spot in the Corruption Perception Index next year. I hope our government gets to read this.

It has been almost like a tradition for me to write a birthday wishlist on my blog before my birthday so that it can help my friends who can’t really decide on what present to get for me. In the past, I usually post my wish list a month before my birthday. But I’ve been busy with some stuff lately and forgot to post. 1 more week to my birthday. Hope I’m not too late. Sorry for the delay.

Here is my 2007 birthday wishlist. (Not in any order)

1) 13″ Macbook.
2) 24” iMac
3) iPod Touch
4) Sony PSP
5) Canon Ixus 860 IS
6) Espresso Machine
7) Sony Ericssons MBW100 bluetooth watch
8) Issey Miyake L’eau D’Issey Homme perfume
9) Calvin Klein underwear (Email me for the size. *wink*)
10) Sony Ericsson Bluetooth headset HBH-DS970
11) Tiësto – In Search of Sunrise 6: Ibiza
12) Headphones
13) Maxtor Shared Storage Plus NAS harddisk drive
14) Bean bag sofa
15) Spending my birthday with the person I love

Hope I didn’t bored anyone of you with my entire series of blog entries regarding my reservist. Actually I’m blogging about it because I want to keep memories of the things I did during reservist.

This will be the last post I’m going to talk about my reservist. After this post, I’ll be back to the usual blogging.

One of the Sergeant from another platoon was pretty kiasi (Afraid of death). When on the 5 tonner, he never fail to buckle his seatbelts and hold on tightly to the side. I told him not to worry, cause if he is thrown off the tonner, they will cover him with national flag and promote him 2 ranks up.

Booked out at around 5pm on friday. It feels good to be out of reservist. Can’t say I enjoyed it, but I feel that it’s my duty. As I was walking along orchard road that evening, I felt a sense of pride and happiness. Happy that Singapore is so peaceful and proud that I did my part to keep it this way.

I got a serious pimple outbreak after the outfield exercise.

I used to get pimple outbreak after outfield exercise. But never this serious before. Am suspecting that the camo cream expired already.

Went back to office on monday. Feeling brain dead. Took me quite awhile to warm up my brain and get the engine started. That is the effect of not using the brain for 2 whole week.

I’ve been away from office for that long.