1. Nice one. Put someone who can see, but cannot talk; someone who can talk, but cannot see; together with a situation where their lives are in danger; and make one of them realise that survival will depend on cooperation, and you’ve got a distraught scene.

  2. pkchukiss: I guess it is human nature. The Saw series is all about these interesting human behavior in time of stress. Which is actually why I like to watch them. The plot is good also. Love the story line and the twist at the end. 🙂

  3. This movie is sick.

    There doesn’t seems to have any ending to it. The killing just keeps on going.

    Jigsaw is no longer a man. It has become a method to kill and torture people. I wonder who took over jigsaw’s role in the new movie.

  4. 杰: I agree that Jigsaw is no longer a man but a method. Actually, he put his victim in the traps hoping they will amend their ways. But abit too extreme lah.

    I like the series because its one of those thriller film with good plots and twist at the end. 😀

  5. Did I tell you that I was crawling at the edge of my seat the whole time I was watching this show?

    1 thing is for sure, the man behind all the ideas for the traps is either real sick or real creative, or maybe both..

    If you like this, you might want to watch Hostel

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