NSF arrested along orchard with SAR21 and bullets

What the heck is he thinking?

1 more month to ORD leh. Why so 想不开? If he miss army too much, go sign on lah. Why go run away with SAR21 and bullets? Now don’t know need to DB how many years.

A full-time national serviceman CPL Dave Teo Ming, 20, who was found to be missing from Mandai Hill Camp on 2 Sep 07 at 11.59pm has been apprehended by the Police. A weapon and some ammunition assigned to him for guard duty were also recovered. The SAF had worked with the Police in the search for the serviceman, weapon and ammunition.

CPL Teo, an Infantry rifleman from 1st Battalion, Singapore Infantry Regiment (1 SIR) was enlisted in Sep 2005 and is due for his Operationally Ready Date (ORD) next month.

MINDEF and the SAF will be assisting the Police in the investigation.

So what does he want to do with that SAR21? Why bring to Orchard road?
Rob bank? Kill people? Sell to terrorist?

Hello, this is SAR21 leh. Not M16 or AK47. Who the heck want that useless SAR21? You try to sell to terrorist, they will roll on the floor laughing. They rather use back rock to throw at enemy than use that useless, good for nothing, for show only rifle. Give me I also don’t want.

Seriously…. Steal SAR21 for what? Crazy…..

Updates: Understand that some people found that guy’s ex gf blog. Come on lah. Leave the gal alone. Its her ex bf. Not current one. History liao. Even current one also none of her business.


  1. agreed, leave his ex gf alone.

    @jacelyn – Last time in army they always tell us each bullet = 7 years in prison. In this case, I think amunition storemen, etc, all tio jialat jialat.

  2. Jacelyn: No lah. Won’t death penalty, unless he use the gun to commit other crimes like robbery.

    If I not wrong, max is just 10yr jail or something plus caning. Ouch.

    Nicholas Aaron Khoo: Its crazy lor. Forum got people post his ex gf blog. Even managed to get a picture of him. Then got people post comments in her shoutbox say her ex got guts.

    For what?

  3. Xinyun: Don’t know what the heck is he thinking. He is a CPL rank. Meaning he should be at least Poly or A level. Got bright future, just wasted like this.

    Jason Ho: Yes, I also believe he is crazy. Just endure one more month and can shout “ORD LOR”. Madness.

  4. Wonder why ppl so free to find out his ex-gf blog and post these kind of stuff up?

    Didn’t know there’s so many wannabe private investigators in SG 😛

  5. roys!: Its actually very easy. Just use his name and google.

    Seriously, its a pity that these people aren’t PI or news reporters. Their research are good.

  6. haha, Highway.

    Believe it or not I was posted to the SAF Ammo Base long time ago, and was at one time under suspicion with 2 other mates for making off with 3,000 rounds of a certain caliber of rounds.

    What happened then is another story, and I am not sure if I can tell so much, but yea, it was a most unpleasant experience.

    3,000 rounds / 3 of us = 1,000 per person = 7,000 years in DB *shudder*

  7. malique: Seriously, can’t cheers to that. I’m going ICT soon. Confirm stricter rules because of this joker.

    Anon: I think that is the only defence the lawyer can give.

    Sicarii: I don’t think they count by the number of bullets you take.

  8. I know they don’t, but was just having fun with numbers. The powers that be that ‘interviewed’ me then had fun with the same numbers.

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