Did they check properly before hiring?

The other project team has been hiring quite a number of new staff lately. And notice that most of them are not local. And mainly from certain regions. Not that I have anything against them or am I racist. But I wonder why so many foreigners? The locals not good enough?

Anyway, some of the new hires are weird. Take for example today, I was waiting for the lift at the lift lobby. There are several people at the lift lobby waiting for the lift too. Then this new hire just stand next to me, smile and say hi. I was pretty shocked. Firstly, I don’t know who is he. Secondly, I’m not the only person at the lift lobby, why you say hi to me? Thirdly, I wish it would be a chio bu instead of a guy.

OK, just kidding about number 3.

Then there is another new hire which I find him abit strange. He sits at the other end of the office. There are 2 toilets around his seat. But he always choose to walk a longer distance to the toilet near my seat. I don’t know why. And when he walk, he will look at everyone’s desk. He got those strange look in his face which makes you wonder if he is planning to do something.

Don’t ask me how I notice this person. My another colleague told me that she keep seeing this guy walking to our area first. Then I begin to notice him.

Seriously…… I hope the teamlead from the other project will check properly before hiring people. They seems……. weird?


  1. DK,

    If I meet you at the Lift Lobby, I will also say Hi.

    Hope you won’t find me weird. If it helps, I am quite Chio a Bu (according to the guys who have met me before).

  2. Precious: Oh… that is a different story. If chio bu say hi to me, of cos I won’t find it weird.

    So which lift lobby are you usually at? Maybe we can exchange contacts and meet at some lift lobby so that you can say hi? 😀

  3. Some of many foreign colleagues (I have many over here) are the first type 🙂 Others have to really squeeze them to make them talk with the rest of the team 🙁

    Most of the guys at my place are a bit eccentric but not to the extent of the second one you mentioned 🙂

  4. Anon: OH…. ok, now I get it.

    Sorry. When I was writing that entry, I didn’t know the reason why you said Hi to me. That why I find it weird cause there are others at the lift lobby too, so why me. Furthermore, we didn’t have any work related dealings. To me, its seems weird for someone to say Hi for no reason.

    Sorry sorry. I wasn’t expecting anyone from office to know that I’m the person blogging here. Thanks for explaining. And thanks for reading my blog.

    Pls accept my sincere apologies. No bad feelings ya? 😀

  5. Roys!: I don’t know. Feel that they are employing too many people at a short span of time. And some of them really seems weird to me.


  6. If you are in a technical area, the fact is, there really is a shortage of real local talent.

    Like it or not, local are just not good enough.

    Whether it’s the man or the system, you decide.

  7. Anon: Well, everyone is weird in one way or another. 🙂

    Corrine: I didn’t say where hor. But seriously, I think that those Indians and Chinese who managed to leave their countries and come to Singapore are usually the better ones.

    Gizmore: I guess it’s the system. Singapore too pro-foreigners. Perhaps it would be good to revoke our citizenship and apply a PR. lol.

  8. Yeah I think it might be the system when it comes to hiring more foreigners than locals in tech companies.

    My company will hire on the lowest bidder without regards to nationality 😛

    About the quality of foreign talent, I guess it’s a mixed bag just like us Singaporeans 🙂

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