FAQ regarding the Dave Teo Incident

Been surfing around and reading forums and blogs regarding Dave Teo who AWOL with SAR21. Lots of questions are being asked, but no answer provided by the authorities. I guess I should help answer some of the commonly asked questions on their behalf.

Why is a 20 year old NSF being issued with live ammo during guard duties?
Indeed, a 20 year old NSF shouldn’t be trusted with live ammo. Not even when they are doing guard duties. They should be issued blanks which produce loud sound to scare away intruders trying to enter the army camp. If they run out of blanks, they can just shout “Bang Bang” while pressing the trigger.

If the intruder isn’t scared by the sound of blank, the guard duties personnel can attached his bayonet to the rifle and charge towards the intruder. All our soldiers are taught the art of bayonet fighting during their BMT.

Eeeerrr…. Excuse me, but the new SAR 21 cannot attach bayonet.
Then duty personnel can charge at the intruder with bayonet in his hands. If this doesn’t work, they can use the standard issue swiss army knife to attack intruders. And if that still doesn’t work, they can try throwing rocks at the intruders. Everyone knows that if you throw a rock at the target during live firing range, the system might sometimes register it as a hit.

Proper control is required when issuing live ammo to guard duties personnel.
Yes yes, there is a need to amend the current procedures. The best control method is to keep all the live rounds in the guard room safe. Only the guard commander has the keys. If the prowlers or sentry on duty spotted any intruders, he will ask the intruder to wait, run to the guard room to request for live ammo (subjected to approval from guard commander) and run back to the intruders to engage them. (NOTE: guard duties personnel are reminded not to run with a loaded rifle.)

How did he manage to escape from camp? There should be tighter security to prevent soldier from AWOL-ing.
Right. They should step up the security at all army camps. In fact, they should replace all the fences with the same type of fence used in change prison. This will prevent guard duty personnel from escaping from camp at night.

(But if we built high wall at all army camp, it would also make it impossible for intruders to come in. Then why still the need for guard duties?)

Why didn’t the police warn the public?
Ya lor. Silly. They should announce thru TV and Radio that a NSF has escaped from camp with a SAR21 and live ammos. It will confirm cause widespread panic and everyone will stay indoors. The whole street will be empty and thus making it easier for police to conduct their search. I bet Dave will be the only person in the streets.

Why didn’t they evacuate Cineleisure before confronting him?
Yes, the police should ask the building management to make public announce to ask the public to leave the building in an orderly manner. Dave will remain in the toilet and wait for the police to arrest him while everyone is walking out of the building in an orderly manner.

Why did it take the police take so long to catch him?
Preciously!! The police are damn inefficient. Singapore so small, just a red dot on the map. I can jump from tuas to changi with just one jump. (Sometimes even overshot and land into the sea) Why do they need 20 hours to hunt down a guy? Plus he is carrying a big ass SAR 21. From far can see him clearly liao. Can’t they go up the tallest building and look down to find him?

Anymore questions?


  1. Fin: You like me? 😀

    Roys!: You bet!

    Yee Hung: I think I’ll make the guard duties personnel wear SBO and underwear only for duties. LOL. Confirm none of them dares to AWOL.

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