1. I thought you were brewing some herbs until I clicked on the picture and realized that those weren’t green leaves, it’s a military uniform. *smacks head*

  2. Sicarii: Nov? Wah… raining season. Good luck to you man.

    Precious: Will you be disappointed if I don’t? πŸ˜›

    ntt: Thx. I suddenly got the idea when I throw the uniform into the washing machine.

  3. vesance: Herbs? Haha… Looks more like a pot of vege soup. πŸ˜›

    Paced: Can book out. But I look at the timetable already. Our saturday event packed all the way till late afternoon. Don’t know which idiot plan 1. Think can only book out Saturday evening. Argh

    Paddy: Aiya… your one relax relax one. Give me 30 days also no problem. πŸ˜› (Run before ganna wack)

  4. moby: Don’t worry. I’m not a fan of SAR21. Might be a different story if they issue me a M16. πŸ˜›

    tstar & UFC: STOP DROOLING!!!!

  5. Yeah, when those uniforms go back into the washing machine after DK’s first week there, you can be sure that they’ll be brewing some potent soup.

  6. Oh yeah, I heard that if your ICT is at that new Jurong Camp, you probably would get a chance to use the Internet room. Trouble is, they say it’s for business use only

  7. pkchukiss: Good idea. You want me save some soup for you when I get back?

    Yeap, heard that they got 20 PC. But please lor, 20 PC for a battalion of 600plus plus people?

    You think got chance to smell the PC meh?

  8. DK your ICT at ITI @ Jurong Camp II ah?

    I just went there the other day… for “orientation”. They say it’s for officers… no?



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