I love wireless@sg

I love wireless@sg. Its the best thing IDA has ever produced. Seriously, wireless@sg is brilliant. Never have I seen anything as good as this.

I really lost count of the number of times wireless@sg disconnect on me. Wow, it sure is exciting when you are using wireless@sg. Everytime you click a link, you will be wondering if the page will load properly. Surfing the internet never been so exciting before. You will either go “WOW. I ganna disconnected again” or “Hey look, I can load that page properly!”.

The wonderful wireless@sg network will also log you out frequently. This give you the chance to see the beautifully designed login page again and again. I love the GUI and colour scheme so much that I’m glad that they keep logging me out. Sometimes, I get to see the login page every 5 minutes. Who wants to surf the internet when the login page is so beautiful?

Cool right? This is IDA’s master plan for a globally connected and intelligent nation by 2015. By covering Singapore with a totally unreliable WIFI network. This is indeed Uniquely Singapore. Singapore tourism board can even put on their website that say “Surf internet on the go with wireless@sg which disconnects you randomly”. I bet the tourist will all be impressed by the frequent random disconnection. They don’t get to experience this kind of excitement back in their country.

And IDA is planning to roll out more services on wireless@sg. Services like VOIP. Imagine wireless@sg disconnecting the phone call when your wife starts nagging at you? Cool right?

I suggest IDA look into ways to link life support machine to wireless@sg. The person on this kind of life support machine will die once the network get disconnected. Imagine linking wireless@sg to Vivian Balakrishnan’s life support machine. I bet IDA will surely do something to wireless@sg to make it less exciting and more reliable. Don’t you think so? Seriously, I strongly believe that if your survival depends on wireless@sg, then you might as well end your life now.

PS: You may ask, why Vivian Balakrishnan? Cause he is the Second Minister For Information, Communications And The Arts. And also that ass who refuse to give the poor additional $30 per month.

PS again: DK’s twin brother decided to blog this entry after DK lost count of the number of times he got disconnected from wireless@sg at Starbucks today.


  1. u got lots of complains abt wireless@sg! haha… ok first… i agree that it gets d/c-ed really often. but i find that this is true especially in the HOTZONE areas. like jurong east.

    seriously. i get d/c-ed every 5 mins, like u say. i think the problem here is that there are at least 2 providers in the JE area, ie singtel and qmax. and whenever their signal spills over into the area of the other provider’s, our connection drops or smtg…

    im not an IT person so i dunno if wat i assume is right/wrong. but for now, thats the impression im getting lah. i spent a whole day in JE earlier this wk, u wont believe how irritated i was. haha…

    but after all that… i stil dont complain that much cos i think that its ok at other places.

  2. must be you lah..

    i connect to w@sg using my mobile, usually ok leh, i can read all my mails etc without disconnecting leh. eg places like centrepoint or orchard area.

    i had disconnection before, but that was when it was first introduced. i think certain places will always disconnect, others will not.

    last month i decided that looking for hotspots on the go is too troublesome, i paid the $5 subs for GRPS on starhub, it gives $20 worth. not too bad, i have not used till $20 yet, I dun surf graphics pages lah, only gmail and msn-ing on the phone. it use very very few bytes only!

  3. That’s cos you’re using the wrong provider.

    Although it’s technically supposed to be that one account can login to all three providers, the providers kick you out after a while if you’re not registered with them.

    Do what I did and sign up with more than one. Free what. Then check the wireless hotspots map or something. I think for the city is Singtel provide. If you disconnect, just connect your other accounts 🙂

  4. Daphne: I don’t know. Maybe IDA will check it out when we place Balakrishnan’s life support machine at JE.

    Keropokman: Your low bandwidth surfing doesn’t count lah. Go take a laptop and try surfing around to experience the Great Wireless@sg Disconnection for yourself.

    Yee Hung: What? You mean they are racist (or ISPist?)

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