The great welfare

Am so impressed with the type of welfare given by my officers. We were rather happy when they announced that we could go for nights off tonight. At first thought that we could at least leave by 1830. So I started making plans to meet a friend for dinner at 7:30pm.

1900, can’t book out yet…..

1930, still can’t book out….. am pissed.

2000, still can’t book out. Told my friend not to wait for me anymore since it is almost uncertain what time will they finally release us.

2030, finally can book out. But suppose to book in by 2359.

They really give us lots of welfare. Seriously, can book out for 3 1/2 hours. WOW.


  1. I feel your pain… Somehow the mechanisms of the SAF likes to work against optimism; as long as you’re optimistic about something good that’s supposed to happen to you, something will crop up. BUT, it won’t kill your hope off immediately, so you’ll sit on the bed, tortured by the minute as you wonder whether that nights off is ever going to happen.

    Then you’re allowed to leave at some weird time, like say 9pm? Oh, and don’t forget to book in by 11pm ok? We’ve gotta do some roll-call to make sure everyone’s back. Hey, don’t give me that face, did you know how hard it was for me to get this nights off for you…

    Somehow, no matter what you do, you’re perpetually in the debt of the SAF. Darn, and they were wondering why people desert service.

  2. As usual, complain after complain. So what the real reason behind the late book out. Guess ur brain is at home therefore can’t think or to go find out right?
    Pls remember book out is a privilege. It’s not ur ah-gong army. If the timing is no gd then dun book out.
    You can always blog at business center although it’s slow. But dun forget, uou are slow too cause brainless in camp.

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