TGIF!…. Almost.. =p

Finally! Some time to settle down and fulfill my promise to Dk on dropping a line or two in his blog during his ICT-induced haitus for the next wk or so.

First up, apologies to Dk for being unable to fulfill my agreement to drop by sooner – things have been crazy at wrk (more abt what I do later), and thanks for giving me the chance to vandalise your blog participate in the local blogosphere! 🙂

*pauses to take a breather*

Confession: Am usually used to introducing myself one to one, or one to a group face to face. It does seem a lil disconcerting to introduce myself to everyone, when it seems like I’m introducing myself to the world (or at least those reading this blog) or possibly no one at all. Anyways, I’m currently a graduate student at one of the local Universities, having a great time exploring the field of Communications and I’ve developed a fascination in New Media, may it be New Media trends, impact of New Media in society. Presently, I’m also earning my keep to pay off my loans by working @ the department full-time while studying.

To kick off my first post – top three + 1 world and local events which caught my eye in the past week or so.

  • Hike in bus fares – woe to us EZ-Link cardholders!
  • Japanese PM stepping down – and is promptly hospitalized for exhaustion.
  • Series of earthquakes which struck Indonesia and caused aftershocks/tremors in Singapore.
  • … and before I forget, Britney’s unforgettable performance at the MTV Music Awards!

But on the plus side – Jon Stewart will be hosting the Oscar’s next year, the weekend’s here and there’s the Mid Autumn Festival lightup at Chinatown this Saturday!

Will try to drop a line now and then, but till the next time, have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. Yoz, Thanks for blogging while I’m away. Don’t worry if you don’t have time to blog. I know it’s been a tough week for you.

    Take care.

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