Reservist Day One – First cockup

First cockup before even stepping into camp

**This entry was handwritten on 10 Sept 2007 0800hr**

Just booked in. First cockup of the day occur even before we step into the camp. Apparently, we are suppose to report at a newly created gate. But the map given to us was pointing to the old gate which is wrong. So everyone ended up at the wrong gate and have to take another cab to the correct reporting place. Too far for walking. End up sharing cab with 3 other people whom I don’t know. Team work even before we in-process. Haha.

They really enforce the no camera phone rules. Everyone is suppose to show their handphone at the in-process area. Those with camera phone are required to surrender it to the guard room and can only collect it when they book out. Lucky for me, I have a old Nokia 8250. Retro man.

The camp is very new. In fact, we are the 2nd batch of Reservist to use the camp. Everything from bed to locker are brand new. I’m impressed by the facilities here. There is a power point to every bed for use to charge our handphone (or PSP). The toilet look nice and has many cubicle for shower. No more queues after exercise.

Seems like going to rain soon. There is supposed to be a CO parade followed by a route march. Not sure which smart alex suggested a route march soon after we in-process. We have been doing that since last year. Crazy. Good thing is that it is going to rain soon. Looks like the parade and route march is going to be cancelled.


  1. hey DK,

    how come i don’t see you in JC II??

    humm .. must be hiding around!!

    haha.. enjoy your ICT.. may run into you one day before you OUT PRO!

  2. who ask some jokers in the armour to video some nonsense in the middle of ICT and posted it up on the youtube.
    and that why they are so strict on the hp camera.

  3. Xinyun: So long as no memory cards and pirated software. Yeap, its allowed (I think)

    defector: Camp so big, how to see you? I hiding in my bunk sleeping lah. Where else?

    chillycraps: Ya lor, don’t know which smart alex suggest 1.

  4. Daphne: I also can’t remember when was the last time I wrote using pen and paper. Reservist for 2 weeks.

    Fredrick: Ya, always take some jokers to spoilt the market. What to do?

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