Reservist Day One – Second cockup

Second Cockup before lunch

**This entry was handwritten on 10 Sept 2007 1305hr**

Lunch was good. It was western food as expected. The lunch on the first day is always the best. It will not be this good going forward.

Second cockup happened before lunch. We walked across a muddy field to a training shed for lesson when there is actually a proper pathway at the other side of the training shed. You just need to walk a slight detour. Stupid right? Can’t they let us walk the longer but cleaner route? Yes, we are soldiers and shouldn’t be afraid of dirtying our boots. But sometimes, it would be nice to keep ourselves clean so that we don’t need to clean up so much after lesson.

Still need to get used to the “No Brain, just follow instructions” mentality in the army. Seriously, I should have left my brain back at home. Don’t need them here. A lot of things are still the same as my NSF days. We do things as instructed from above even if the instructions are damn stupid. No use telling your commanders a better approach. They won’t listen. Maybe ego problem? Maybe the army isn’t really a thinking army? I don’t know.

Whenever we got a stupid instructions, we always calm each other down by reminding ourselves that this is the army and this is how the army works. Sometimes, it’s best not to use too much brains in the army. You’ll end up puking blood.

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