Call the Police or SCDF if there is tremors

I was reading the news about the Indonesia Earthquake which occurs last week. There was a report that the police and civil defence received about 500 calls from the public.

Singapore’s population is roughly 4.5 million. What are the remaining 4499500 doing? Did you call the police or civil defence when there is tremors? Why didn’t you call them? How could you be so irresponsible? It is your duty as a citizen to report such acts to the authorities.

It is utmost importance that you call the police and civil defence when you felt the tremors. I know the police hotline cannot handle such high volume. They will put you on wait like the credit card hotline. But tremors report are very important to the police and civil defence. In fact, way more important than crime calls. Those people who are about to be hurt, robbed, murdered or raped can wait. Those who need ambulance assistance or fire engine can also wait. They are not as important as tremors report. The police and civil defence personnel cannot feel the tremors from their stations. Their station is shake-proof.

It is a serious crime to shake a building in Singapore. The police will investigate and arrest the person who shake your HDB flat. Even if he is not staying in Singapore or don’t even exist. He will be put on trial in Singapore court. The penalty is heavy. At least 12 caning and 20 years imprisonment. I heard that it is death penalty for more serious case.

The civil defence on the other hand can switch off the tremors. In fact, they have a switch to turn off the tremors on your HDB flat. Yes, just call them and they will switch off the shaking right away. No point taking video or pictures and send to stomp. Call the civil defence and the tremors will be gone soon.

So remember, call the police and civil defence when there is tremors. It is your duty as a citizen to call them when you felt the tremors. Seriously, police and the civil defence will take action once they got your call. The problem will be solved shortly after you call them.


  1. Eh, got such technology to stop tremors? Means they can start one also right? I wanna try leh, should I call the civil defence or police first?

  2. Of course must call police and SCDF! They can solve ANYTHING! They’re always there to save the day! Earthquakes, tornadoes, stock market crash, Britney Spears’ career. Call police is the gooood!!

  3. yes yes, call the police especially. If they’re too free, they might just doze off in their car that is illegally parked, while waiting for their buddy to packet lunch…

  4. Cloudywind: The last time I submit a photo of policemen sleeping in patrol car, I was ganna up down left right. I guess people feel that police sleeping in their patrol car is alright.

  5. I didn’t really understand the first paragraph, and before I knew it, the sacarsm had consumed my every being. Arrrrrrrgh!!!!!

  6. Paddy: You try rob a bank or rape a guy lah. Think they will come shortly. ๐Ÿ˜›

    pkchukiss: Oops… next time I tell my twin brother to give warning first. ๐Ÿ˜›

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