Reservist Day Two – IPPT postpone

IPPT postpone

**This entry was handwritten on 11 Sept 2007 0723hr**

Requested to book out last night to go for lesson. At first I thought it is not possible to book out for lesson because of the logistic problem. They only managed to sort out the logistic problem at around 7:15pm and I managed to leave camp at 7:30. My lessons starts at 7:30pm too. Well done. Even if I rush, I can only reach school around 8:30pm or 9. Since it was already very late, I decided not to go for class. Instead, I went out for dinner with my friend. Shhhh…. don’t tell anyone.

Woke up today morning to find myself alone in the bunk. My paltoon mates left for breakfast without calling me. They didn’t know if I want to sleep more or go for breakfast.

Raining now. IPPT will be postpone. I hope it will rain for the whole morning cause I hate to run on wet floor.


  1. Skip class to go out. Must complain to your PC. No more night off for you. Hope you dun del tis post.

    Have u wonder why ur platoon mate left without u? Could it be due to ur super loud snoring or nobody like u?

  2. Yup! no one likes you…. thats why no one bothers to wake you up…. why dun you just set your own alarm clock you lazy bum…

  3. Anon1: Complaint lor. You want his handphone number? Can’t be bothered to delete your comments anyway.

    Anon2: I never deny that nobody likes me.

  4. You know those anime or manga where there’s always somebody who cannot wake up no matter what you do, and you would need to say something to agitate them before they wake up and throttle you?

    Well, let’s just say these people DO exist!

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