Reservist Day Two – Level 6 bunk

Level 6 bunk

**This entry was handwritten on 11 Sept 2007 1244hr**

The height of my bunk is a killer. My platoon’s bunk is located at 6th floor and there is no lift. For the first time I’ve heard of level 5 and 6 in a army bunk. Usually its just up to level 4. I heard its due to land constrain. But the buildings there are quite spread out. I don’t know why they need to build such high building. We try to climb the stairs less by doing everything downstairs before going back to bunk.

Am beginning to miss the people outside even though I managed to book out last night and meet her.


  1. Climbing is good for u. It will help to reduce the size of ur double chin & also ur weight.

    As for the land constrain issue, u can called NS hotline to complain. If there doesn’t help, maybe send some emails to uncle teo, COD & COA & not to forget ur platoon mates.

  2. Arzhou: But even at Tekong, only the instructors get to use the lift. The recurits don’t get to use it. (Except on parent visiting day)

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