Reservist Day Four – Went outfield for first time

Went outfield for first time

**This entry was handwritten on 13 Sept 2007 2205hr**

I was wrong to think that it’s going to be a relaxed day. Ended up going outfield with my officer. Everything was so last minute that I have to rush to get my equipments ready.

Actually, there is no need for me to follow them. They are doing some commander recce. I’m not required to be present at such activities. So I ended up like an idiot, standing there and doing nothing.

This is the first time I’m assigned to work with that officer. I think he is quite inexperienced. He asked one of the Sergeant to get his man to bring along some concertina wire for the night exercise. We usually need to walk quite a long distance during the night exercise. The concertina wire are coiled in a loop and is rather bulky.

The Sergeant replied to my officer “Sir, this one is Concertina wire leh, not Hula hoop” Its the best joke of the week.

Our rover had a flat tyre when we wanted to return back to camp. Took us quite some time to change the tyre because the bolt was rather tight. Returned back to camp rather late. Saw all my paltoon mates in bunk resting. I rushed to cookhouse for dinner. Had another lesson at night.

What a busy day.


  1. Officers always think that he is leading a team of supermen.

    Anything is possible. Crap. They sit in office we suffer under their incompetence lead.

  2. 杰: I don’t think it is the same for this case. I think he is inexperienced. First time taking up that important role that he forgotten that the concertina wire is rather bulky.

    And he is also outfield with us.

  3. Sometimes I too just want to switch off and live the life of the ‘men’, but the kit-kat bars are an invitation to ‘tiok arrows’. They may look like chocolate bars, but sometimes the weight is like lead bars.

    And ‘orcifer’ doesn’t equate to sitting on our butts in the ‘or-fice’. At least, the ‘xiong-ness’ ends when the exercise is over, how about the RAM, training plans and reports to write on top of that?

    Don’t hate us la, we are just doing our jobs. And it’s a job we cannot resign from.

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