Reservist Day Six – Missing Equipment

Missing Equipment

**This entry was handwritten on 15 Sept 2007 0025hr**

Thought could go for nights off today. But they discovered that some equipment went missing and nobody is allowed to leave the camp until it is found. Its some restricted equipment. I cannot say what is it here in the blog, but its not a weapon but its very important.

We virtually flip the entire whole camp upside down to hunt for that equipment. Heard that nobody draw it out from store. So it’s either someone stolen it or they misplaced it.

We had stand by bed to check if anyone took it. We also recount our own store to make sure everything is accounted for.

CO is going to report this case to the top and they will send the investigation branch to down to handle this issue. It’s no laughing matter. This is a pretty serious case. But everyone worked together and tried their best to help find the lost item.

Been running all over the place for the whole night. Went spec mess for supper and beer after that. Had a nice chat with some paltoon mates.

Hope this won’t affect our book out timing tomorrow. Why must this happen on Friday?


  1. Same, had a similar experience last time in my camp. No one was allowed to book out even the big boss. He was not very happy about staying back until 9pm when the item was finally found.

  2. Xinyun: He wasn’t panicking. very calm. Just that you can tell from his face that he is very sad/unhappy.

    杰: Possible. Singapore is a very small place.

    Arzhou: Did he tekan you all after the stuff been found?

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