Reservist Day Eight – In a mess

In a mess

**This entry was handwritten on 17 Sept 2007 0704hr**

Booked out on Saturday late afternoon. Been out whole weekend and didn’t sleep at all. Am in a total mess after booking in.

Forgot to bring back my toothpaste, toothbrush and shaver. Sign in at the wrong row. Left my camp pass in the company office table until my platoon mates saw it and told me about it.

The body is in camp but the heart is outside, thinking about what happened and what is about to happen. In a mess….


  1. No sleep at home.. Miss army bed is it?

    No wonder you snored so loudly when you book it. Your snoring is thunderous. No joke, better see specialist or u can treat urself by the following steps . Take the 1st advise. Trust me it’s the best for u.

  2. i know u: Thanks for the link. Actually I’ve seen a specialist before. He said that my nose passage is quite narrow.

    But since my life is not endangered, he suggest not doing any operations.

  3. dk: Poor thing… Do specialist tell u the case for narrow passage? Nv scan? Is it too much fat ard it?

    Ur specialist is spot on to suggest no need for operation. From wiki “Almost all treatment for snoring revolves around clearing the blockage in the breathing passage. This is the reason snorers are advised to lose weight (to stop fat from pressing on the throat),“.

    Actually only ur bunk mates’ sleep are endangered. Please try cured it with wiki suggestion. It’s for ur own good…. and god bless ur bunk mates,

  4. I know u: I went to see the specialist around the time we went ROC for training. I wasn’t fat yet.

    It was already like that since I was young. Maybe the fats make it worst.

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