Reservist Day Eight – Waste of time

Waste of time

**This entry was handwritten on 17 Sept 2007 1300hr**

Finally got the chance to go eMart to buy toothpaste, toothbrush and shaver. Glad that nobody notice that I didn’t brush my teeth for the whole morning. It feels good to be able to brush my teeth finally.

Morning was a waste of time. We were send out to a training area to attend a lesson that we are not required to learn. Our officer insist that we go since it is in our timetable. We told him that we don’t need to learn those things because we will never get to use it. Furthermore, it is the advance level. We haven’t learnt about the basic yet. How do we attend that lesson?

But our officer insist that we attend. He is scare to ask or cancel it. Furthermore, he don’t need to attend.

A officer from another platoon managed to convince the instructors that we don’t need to attend that lesson. We were released from the lesson halfway after being asked several questions.

No more program for the rest of the day. Can sleep until dinner time. Time to catch up with the sleep that I lost during the weekend.

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