End of reservist

Hope I didn’t bored anyone of you with my entire series of blog entries regarding my reservist. Actually I’m blogging about it because I want to keep memories of the things I did during reservist.

This will be the last post I’m going to talk about my reservist. After this post, I’ll be back to the usual blogging.

One of the Sergeant from another platoon was pretty kiasi (Afraid of death). When on the 5 tonner, he never fail to buckle his seatbelts and hold on tightly to the side. I told him not to worry, cause if he is thrown off the tonner, they will cover him with national flag and promote him 2 ranks up.

Booked out at around 5pm on friday. It feels good to be out of reservist. Can’t say I enjoyed it, but I feel that it’s my duty. As I was walking along orchard road that evening, I felt a sense of pride and happiness. Happy that Singapore is so peaceful and proud that I did my part to keep it this way.

I got a serious pimple outbreak after the outfield exercise.

I used to get pimple outbreak after outfield exercise. But never this serious before. Am suspecting that the camo cream expired already.

Went back to office on monday. Feeling brain dead. Took me quite awhile to warm up my brain and get the engine started. That is the effect of not using the brain for 2 whole week.

I’ve been away from office for that long.


  1. tstar: Nope. Keep already. You can pray for mobilisation. Else the next time you see number4 on my blog will be Nov 08. 😛

    Xinyun: It got to be the camo cream.

    Jason: Lobo! 😛 kidding. hee hee.

  2. Was really bored until I scroll down and saw the face. Some FAQ might help.

    Why u tilt ur face so high. Lower it and take another shot, u will see the famous double chin.

    As for “sense of pride and happiness”, it sound like kind of what Miss Universe always said “World Peace”. Stopped telling lies, If record down all ur KPKB in-camp, it will be more than the whole production of Mr Brown’s podcast.

    Gd for resuming back to the usual blogging after this, miss ur FUNNY blogs.

  3. wow, you did your part and felt that Singapore is more peaceful. Yah, I agree that sense of pride and happiness in all of us. Singapore is quite safe. other than the easily stolen SAR21.

    But than again, knowing that you Snore so loudly from other bloggers, I don’t think that is peaceful for the other Singaporeans. Just imagine those people sleeping in the bunk with you. I don’t think they can sleep peacefully. You shouldn’t be proud of this. Do something about it.

  4. i know you: Well, you can actually see abit of the double chin from the photo. The focus is on the pimple outbreak here.

    I never said I like reservist. Its a duty I have to do. Read again. Oh…. I thought I cut down alot on the kbkp part. It was much worst in the past.

  5. dk: Can see a bit of double chin but too bad it wasn’t the view all see during in-camp. All are AMAZED. It’s almost going triple like upsize.
    Knew the focus was on pimple that why I send u the FAQ ma. Do post the outcome and mayb a video clip to show ur followers.

    Pls read my post again, I nv say u like reservist. It’s jus the portion where u say to have “sense of pride and happiness” for doing ur part seem contradicting. Would someone who is feeling pride & happy, KPKB so much? That’s y I use Miss Universe quotes’ “world peace”. Say only.. how many really meant it..

    KPKB cut down. True. But a lot still can’t tolerate. Please TRY every year to reduce & dun be like someone who TRIED for so many years still the same “trying”.

  6. I hate reservist, it so unfair that we have to serve our country unconditionally whereas foreigners here dun even have to play their part to national service.

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