Our ministers need another pay increment urgently!!!

S’pore is world’s 4th least corrupt nation
It moves one notch up, after New Zealand, Denmark, Finland which tie for the top spot in Transparency International’s 2007 index.

SINGAPORE moved up one notch to become the world’s 4th least corrupt nation in Transparency International’s 2007 index released on Wednesday.
It was ranked fifth last year in the annual study of the level of corruption in the public sector in 180 countries.

Faring the best in the survey were Denmark, Finland and New Zealand, in a first-place tie with each scoring of 9.4 on the Corruption Perception Index (CPI).

Singapore shared the 4th spot with Sweden, scoring 9.3.

After the recent ministers pay increments, Singapore managed to move up one notch to become 4th least corrupt nation. We are beginning to see the effects of the minister pay increments. This is good news and will surely shut the naysayers’ mouth. And the minister’s pay increment was only 5 months ago. I’m glad that we are seeing effect within such a short time span.

But hold the champagnes first. Let’s face the sad reality. Being number 4 is not good enough. Singapore is a unique country which cannot afford to be in the 4th position. If we want to be the hub for everything that is hub-able, we must aim for the number 1 spot. Yes, it is important for our country’s survival. And we need to do something about it urgently. Or we our gals will end up as maids in other country and guys as construction workers.

The government is right. Increasing the minister’s pay does make Singapore less corrupted and a better place. We should continue on this proven model. I suggest that we have an urgent parliament session soon to discuss the next minister pay increment. The last increment wasn’t high enough, that is why we only managed to go up 1 position. I suggest doubling all ministers and civil servants salary. Plus give them gold tap in their toilet and 12 month bonus if we get 1st position for the Corruption Perception Index next year. This should be in everyone’s KPI for year 2008. This is a very important issue. Other stuff like better medical healthcare for the poor and old are not important. Who cares if the old folks are collecting soft drink cans from dustbin?

We need to increase our minister’s pay quickly so that Singapore can get the top spot in the Corruption Perception Index next year. I hope our government gets to read this.


  1. If they are so sure it’s the right thing to do, then do it near the elections. Yes, raise their own pay near the elections. And let the voters decide if they agree with the propaganda they have been spinning… in the ballot box.

  2. xizor’s evil twin: The timing is coincidental. The Govt didn’t purposely do the pay raise after the election.

    Xinyun: Good idea. Then we will be top in the universe. 🙂

    James: You need to pay them even more to make it confirm. 😀

  3. Make it triple.. SG will stay at #1 for a looooong time 😛

    I wonder how much Denmark, Finland and New Zealand are paying their civil servants.

  4. roys: You cannot compare Singapore with Denmark, Finland and New Zealand. Singapore is a unique place. We must give our minister world class pay to stay corrupt free. 🙂

  5. Oh my! You’re right!

    That’s obviously the best way for us to hit the no.1 spot.

    Obviously being the most highly paid ministers aren’t good enough. We must make them the world’s highest paid government… twice over!

  6. Instead of harping on our ministers’ pay increments, which wouldn’t make a frickin’ difference anyways, why don’t you consider spending less time blogging and more time upgrading your skills so you can get your own frickin’ increment too?

  7. you guys are so on the wrong track… the gahmen shd not be increasing the pays now… they shd be organising yet ANOTHER committee to analyse WHY we are still not No. 1, and come up with a think book of solutions fr those HIGH scholars!

  8. cloudywind: No lah. We are on the right track. Just that they didn’t increase the pay high enough during the previous pay increment.

    Blame the pleasant for complaining so much. Else they could have increased their pay high enough for us to get the top spot.

  9. u know me:
    instead of dropping a comment in a blog that that doesn’t make a difference anyway (lol), why don’t you go to your mother and learn some manners, so that you become less hateful? maybe you can land yourself a date. btw might as well learn what is ’empathy’ as well

  10. u know nothing: Ya lor, of course my blog doesnt make a difference. Whose blog does? 😛

    xinyun’s evil twin: Hmmm… why employ monkey? 😛

  11. dk: Dun agree with wat u stated that “Whose blog does?”. There are blogs with I read that made a diff. Those developers’ blog, “Yangon bloggers” who brought us news of Myanmar recently. If u agreed that “my blog doesnt make a difference”, dun categorise other blogs into the same league.

    Blogging is not a personal issue. When u blog, be prepared to be open for comments(+/-). If u blog that u are a gay, whole world(with internet access) might know.

    When ppl leave ur comments, means that they read ur blog. Shdn’t u be happy?? Dun be childish to put comments like “If u don like it, then don come.” Grow up pls.. 27 yrs old liao..

  12. i know u: I was being sarcastic when I said my blog doesnt make a diff and whose blog does. Damn, need to work on my sarcastic tone.

    Oh sure I’m open to +/- comments. That is why I haven’t deleted any of your comments and tries to reply them nicely.

    And yes, I do think I’ve already grown up. Well, at least I don’t leave anonymous flame baiting comments on my platoon mate’s blog. 🙂

  13. DK’s evil twin brother: Finally u are out for sarcastic remarks. Nv cross my mind that DK will be sarcastic cause I read b4 DK act like the Mr nice guy..opps hope I nv use the wrong word to flame more baiting comments.

    Delete comments don’t help. See for urself the example of PXX youth cycling issue.

    As for ur last statement, the correct word to use is not don’t, it should be can’t. Reason : your platoon mate don’t have blog (Too busy).

  14. i know u: I’ve been reading all your comments. You are just here to create trouble.

    Time to get a life and grow up dude. If you not happy with DK, just tell him yourself. Don’t be a sissy and hide behind an anoymous nick. Got guts to comment, no guts to let him know your identity? Loser.

    DK: Calm down. Don’t be affected by that idiot’s comment.

  15. i know u: Oh, you don’t know some of them got blogs too? Hmmm…

    Oh well…. say whatever you like lor. Can’t really be bothered already.

    Eric: You are right. He is obviously here for trouble. Thx. 🙂

  16. Hmmmm seems like DK ran out of steam already? Seeking other bloggers’ assistance to address his fustrations?

    U know nothing:
    Your statement is self-contradicting, asking me to learn manners from my mother? arent you the one without manners for roping my mother into this? or maybe you’re just reminiscing on the times when you actually had a mother to learn manners from? (LOL)

    Trying to “act hero” here? Or just trying to entice me over to your blog so I can whip your puny ass too?

  17. u know me: Seeking other bloggers for assistance? No leh. I didn’t seek them. They see the road not straight so pull out sword to help.

  18. u know me: Oh sorry. Didnt know you dont have a mother. So sorry. Will not rope in your mother going forward.

    What about father? Do you have one?

  19. dk, you are a good man to be taking this. I would have just close the comments section, wipe that stain off my beautiful blog, and move on.

    Anony-mouses deserves no further attention than that.

  20. I see that “u know me” and “i know u” is losing now. I’ll join their team. I love joining the loser team during flamewar.

    Eric: You don’t be a asshole and rope in “i know u” parents. His mum was sold to geylang by his dad and was gangbang by several ah pek until she die. His dad spend the money on xiao lao po and throw “i know u” at rubbish dump. He has a very sad past, that why keep doing these no life stuff in blog comments.

    Not very nice to bring up someone’s past. You bring up his parents again and I’ll make sure you die the same way his mum die.

    “i know you”: Don’t worry pal. I got you covered. 😉 Cheers!

  21. I know u:
    I’m really apologetic for continuing “u know nothing”‘s mother discussion, didn’t know something that tragic could really happen to someone

    BTW, you guys are really weak, I’ll be onto the next blog. tata

  22. Flamestarter & eric: Firstly, both of u are using anonymous nick 2 so dun talk like hero. Sorry that I dun have guts to say about your mother,father, ah gong & etc. I’m educated enough not to use such terms.

    eric: I have a life. Dun worry for me, think for ur life. Non of my posts stated that I dislike DK. In fact I did give him some advise.

    Flamestarter : Write such comment is easy for you. Especially when u had copied from ur biography right? Interesting life. Pls guide eric.

    DK : iknow u != u know me.
    34 comments and on-going. Hope the fireman can help. Also pls help ur platoon mates’ blog by putting their link up and intro them. Pretty sure none have win any awards.

  23. u know me: Hey, don’t go yet. I’m still doing my warm up. Coward! Run so fast.

    i know you: Can tell that you have no guts at all. As for educated, I doubt so too. Educated people talk with manners. I not educated, so I flame people who pretend to be educated.

  24. Do these people seriously think that hiding behind some unknown ID means others won’t know their identity?

    Just place a IP tracker on the blog and there you go out to the geolocation of the person.

    One good example is paddy’s bak2u.com gadgettrak and able to pull out all these details.

  25. i know u: Eric is not anonymous. I know him personally and he doesn’t have a blog. (Or rather he claims he doesn’t have one) But at least he gave his real name when commenting and not hide behind a anonymous nick.

    Seriously, for a moment I thought that ‘i know u’ and ‘u know me’ is the same person. Oh, so both of you gang up together to come in here huh? Interesting.

    As for his blog, at first I wanted to mention it in my blog. But after looking at the nuisance the 2 of you created here, I think I better keep his blog url a secret.

  26. Thomas: I don’t think blogspot allow us to place ip tracker on the comments.

    Anyway, can’t really be bothered lah. If they want attack using anonymous nick, so be it lor.

  27. ip tracker… interesting.

    but seriously, so what if you managed to track the IPs? like the ISPs are going to give a shit about your stupid blog and some dumb comments

  28. Flaming is good. But one qualifier though. Do it face to face and best done in front of the police. Otherwise, no guts don’t flame lah.=)))))

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