The sweetest kiss?

RECENTLY, a friend and I talked about the sweetest kiss – does the crux lie in the kisser, the context of the kiss or the way the kiss was executed?

IMHO, it is the amalgamation of all of the above – allow me to explain. While a kiss by another other name would still be a kiss, it is the kisser who determines the type of kiss it will be, and how the kiss will be – strong, passionate and forceful, or sweet, lingering and unforgettable.

To me, the context of the kiss matters too – it sets the mood, the atmosphere – the unforgettable scene in the car in Titanic will be q different if it took place in a public toilet, will it not?

Finally, the way the kiss is executed with the above two in place – though it is still debatable about whether the skills of the kisser matter, the sincerity of the kisser matters too. How one’s feelings for another is expressed through this simple yet intimate gesture.

The sweetest kiss I’ve experienced was sincere, tinged with innocence, laced with longing and executed languorously, which left me breathless and of course, wanting for more.

And everyone should experience at least a kiss like this once in their lifetime.

Thanks Dk for allowing me to post this for posterity! I can come back in 30 years, read about this, reminiscence some and hopefully, have gotten more sweet kisses by then! 😉


  1. Haha dk! Are you sure you didn’t write this post to “hint” to some of your readers about your hope of experiencing such a memorable kiss again? 😛

  2. bitbot: hey… you don’t trust me issit? I swear that I’m not the person who wrote this entry. If I lied, I’ll never have another kiss again.

    PS: The english so chim, how could it be written by me? 😛

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