This is another one of those dumb thief story. I was laughing in office when I read about it.

The thief broke into an office and got away with four laptops and two iMac. The office’s security camera’s resolution wasn’t high enough to see their face clearly. So everyone thought they got away with it. We are so wrong.

Someone played with the iMac’s photobooth and accidentally uploaded his photo to the victim’s flickr account. Not sure who is he. Perhaps the thief, the thief’s friend or the person who bought the stolen iMac. Whoever it is, he should be able to help solve the crime. I wonder if flickr records the IP address of the uploader. If they do, then it would be pretty easy to solve the crime.

If all the thieves in the world are so dumb, I think Paddy’s Verey I will have no business already. 😛

**This entry is about events that occur on 21 Sept**

Finally reached the last day of the ICT. This is a toughest in camp training I’ve ever attended. Did some survey at the cookhouse. Sometimes I wonder what’s the point of doing those survey. Nothing seems to improve from those survey. Food still taste horrible. (ok, its much better compared to the days when food are cooked by soldiers. But still doesn’t taste good.)

As usual, our CO gave us a speech at the closing ceremony. He always said that he will keep his speech short, but he always talk for at least 1/2 hour. His full time job outside is a principal. Which explains why his speech is always very long. Haha.

5 down, 5 more to go. The next in camp training will be in Nov 2008.

The big one

**This entry is about events that occur on 19 and 20 Sept.**

Woke up at 5am for breakfast. Am surprised to received a SMS from a friend to wish me good luck for the exercise. She is still awake at that hour and is doing her work. Am touched by the SMS.

It was a mad rush in the morning. Lots of things to do within 1 1/2 hours. Have to move off from camp at 0630hrs sharp. I’m always the first group to leave camp for exercise. The main body leave camp 1 1/2 hours later than me. NOT FAIR!

Forgot to buy camo cream and have to borrow from my CSM. His camo cream was from the previous in camp (which is one year ago). Better than nothing I guess.

My officer really garang. Everything also want to walk when there is a rover. Easy for him since his load is rather light. I’m the one who is carrying heavy load. I guess he is also inexperienced too. Some of the things can take rover, but he didn’t know until I suggested to him. Well, he still need more practice. This is the first time he hold this position for a large scale exercise.

The weather is hot, very hot. I drank lots and lots of water but it still wasn’t enough. Am glad that we are still in friendly area where water is almost unlimited supply. Can’t imagine being in enemy ground where there is no resupply.

Nothing much happened in the afternoon. The drivers are good at making themselves at home outfield. I joined their little tent where they got a small radio and some seats. Managed to rest and catch a short nap. It is going to be a long night.

Logistic was horrible at night. We waited very long for our transport to come. Luckily I’m in the 2nd wave and can wait in friendly area. Since I’m in friendly area, I could sleep openly without fears. Those in the 1st wave have to wait in enemy zone and could sleep. Poor thing.

The transport finally arrive after more than 1 hour delay. The journey to the enemy zone was a nice one. I saw a shooting star and made a wish. The night sky view was beautiful.

The night exercise was a tough one. We almost didn’t meet our target in time due to the delay of the transport. Our deployment ground was very interesting. It is just opposite some HDB flats. Singapore really not enough land. While we are deploying, there are several people looking at us from across the road. I wonder if anyone of them took photo of us and send to Stomp.

The first mission went on smoothly and we proceed to our second mission. The second mission is fought with transport, so it wasn’t that tough. Everything went on smoothly and the exercise ended at around 1830hrs.

We started to return all our store once we reach camp. Our platoon has the most stores. It took 1 1/2 hours to finish returning everything. And that is already considered quite fast. We used to take one whole afternoon to return all our store. I guess everyone is familiar with the process and thus able to work faster to get things done.

It was a tough exercise. Perhaps I’m too old for all these.

Training for the big one

**This entry was handwritten on 18 Sept 2007 1918hr**

Went out in the afternoon for some training to prepare for the big exercise tomorrow. Damn unlucky. It started to rain the moment we start our training. Our equipment was faulty and we have to change new equipment. It was a funny sight when we are changing the equipment.

Bump into my colleague at the training ground. He was attached to our unit for that day to cover our training. Haha. Small world.

The training schedule is rather tight. The exercise is tomorrow. And we are still training today. Usually, the day before the big exercise is for us to prepare store and rest.

Still got some store not ready yet. It is going to be a tough exercise. Will have to wake up at 5am tomorrow.

Cannot make it officer

**This entry was handwritten on 17 Sept 2007 2349hr**

Just finished a briefing by our officer. Wondering why the need to conduct the briefing so late in the evening. Can’t he do it in the morning since we got nothing to do?

I’ve come to a conclusion that if we are going to war, my first bullet will be fired at my officer. Seriously, our chances of winning the war will be greatly increased without him around.

His technical knowledge is wrong. Heard that he gave our CO wrong information during the planning. Can die I tell you.

Then he asked 2 of my platoon mates to crarry a lot of equipment for the coming exercise. Like that how to walk? Never use brain one leh. One look and you know that it’s more than 4 person’s load. And he expect 2 people to carry them. Well done.

How do you expect me to go to war with this officer?

Waste of time

**This entry was handwritten on 17 Sept 2007 1300hr**

Finally got the chance to go eMart to buy toothpaste, toothbrush and shaver. Glad that nobody notice that I didn’t brush my teeth for the whole morning. It feels good to be able to brush my teeth finally.

Morning was a waste of time. We were send out to a training area to attend a lesson that we are not required to learn. Our officer insist that we go since it is in our timetable. We told him that we don’t need to learn those things because we will never get to use it. Furthermore, it is the advance level. We haven’t learnt about the basic yet. How do we attend that lesson?

But our officer insist that we attend. He is scare to ask or cancel it. Furthermore, he don’t need to attend.

A officer from another platoon managed to convince the instructors that we don’t need to attend that lesson. We were released from the lesson halfway after being asked several questions.

No more program for the rest of the day. Can sleep until dinner time. Time to catch up with the sleep that I lost during the weekend.