I always thought that only blogs in ping.sg would use misleading headings to attract readers. I was so wrong. I spotted this heading on the front page of yesterday’s The Straits Times, 29 Oct 2007. Yes, our national newspaper also has misleading headings.


For a moment I thought our Singapore swimmers finally made it big and broke one of the world records. But after reading the first few sentence of the main article, I discovered that it was actually an American swimmer who rewrote her world record IN Singapore.

This is the first time I see a newspaper heading that emphasis on the country where the sporting world record is broken instead of the country that the record breaker is from.

Seriously, who cares where the record was broken anyway?

After winning the Montblanc New Screenwriters award, Singapore Dreaming wins again. This time, it’s the Best Asian/Middle Eastern Film Award at the 20th Tokyo International Film Festival!!!

Congrats to Yen, Colin and all the stars & crews in Singapore Dreaming. You guys made us proud.

If you haven’t watched Singapore Dreaming, I suggest you try to get your hands on the VCD/DVD. Its a great show.

Buy original one lah! Don’t buy pirated one hor. Must support local talents.

Hey guys. I’m sorry to inform all of you that my good twin brother is dead. He didn’t die of heroin overdose. Would be really funny if he does since he just blog about anti-drugs lately. It would also look nice on tomorrow.sg too. Imagine heading: Anti-drug blogger dies of heroin overdose. Hahahaha… Best if someone tagged it as humor.

But since this blog entry is coming from DK’s evil twin brother, you should know by now that everything I said is sarcastic and shouldn’t be taken too seriously. You shouldn’t believe me when I said that our ministers deserves another pay increment (I hope). And common sense (which isn’t very common lately) would have told you that if the good DK is dead, the evil twin brother can’t be more alive.

Everyone have their own writing style. Some write in a humor and satire manner while others are dead serious. After awhile, everyone will know what to expect from the author. Just like you can expect me to blog in a sarcastic style while my good twin brother to blog in a…. eerrrrr…. Wait. What is DK’s writing style? He got style one meh?

I know everyone is confused now. Firstly, they see two entries on ping.sg saying that William Hung is dead (one from an entertainment news blog, no less), then another one saying he is not dead. Now they see an entry saying DK is dead. So who is dead and who is not?

Well, if you believe me, please transfer the white gold to my internet banking account. Thanks.

PS by DK: I’m not dead. At least not yet. But I will if I don’t complete my final assignment by tonight. Which I’m stuck and have totally no idea how to do. Damn. Perhaps my evil twin brother is right. I am dead.

My blood boils when I saw this video.

Calling them bastards would be an insult to all bastard in the world. That uncle should be at least 70 years old. And this 3 asshat decided to squeeze into his trishaw which is meant for 1 person, max 2. They make fun of him and have the bloody cheek to post this video on youtube. Fucking jerks.

I’m not sure how long will the video be on youtube. So I took a screen capture of the 3 asshat.

Asshat 1:

Asshat 2:

Asshat 3 (Can’t get any clear picture):

We can’t let this 3 asshat get away easily. Can the internet be powerful enough to identify this 3 asshat and do some public shaming on them?
Lets do some investigation here. Anybody knows this 3 person?
Like which country are they from? Where do they stay? Do they have any blogs or facebook account? What company are they working at etc etc.

I’m not sure if the person who post this video is the person who recorded it. Anyone knows who is this B0Davis?

Lets come together and trace this 3 asshat. Shame them online and let their families, friends, employers and countrymen know their disgraceful actions. Let them know that Singaporeans are not pushovers.

Update 1: The video has been removed from youtube (I guess by the poster). Kinda expected since this fellow has been getting quite a lot of hate comments. Is the poster one of the person in the video? Is he removing it because of all the hate comments or because he knows that he is wrong?

One thing about the internet is that whatever you posted online can never be deleted. Someone would have downloaded it and repelicate it elsewhere. I’m reposting the video clip here to shame the 3 idiots. Hopefully someone would be able to identify them.

Update 2: B0Davis is indeed one of the 3 ang moh in the video clip. His real name is Bo Davis. The New Paper run an article on this incident. (I was interviewed by them via email too. 😀 )Let hope people who google his name will see the video clip. Shame on him.

Update 3: The Daily Mail, Britain’s second biggest-selling daily newspaper, reported this news too. Congrats to Bo Davis. You are famous now.

Update 4: After appearing on The Daily Mail, the news is now reported in The Guardian’s blog. What’s next? BBC?

Update 5: Reported on USA Today.

Update 6: Bo Davis apologised. I guess it’s time to move on guys.

It is interesting how some people interpret things online, especially in forums.

I was reading the news regarding that guy who caused the death of a car saleswoman while test driving a Mazda. The lawyer seems to be trying very hard to plea for a lighter sentence by saying how sorry that guy is and how his life has changed after the accident. Come on lah. How bad can his life be? He was still deciding between a Subaru WRX and a Volkswagen Golf GTI few months back.

Anyway, I almost fell off my chair when I saw this.

Mr Tay (The lawyer) added that Lee’s family has received hate mail and threats “ranging from burning down their house to beating up his mother”.

Burning down their house and beating up his mum? Hmmm….
Is he referring to this picture?

Those who frequent forums in Singapore would have come across this picture that has been circulating the major forums like HWZ and SPUG for quite some time. Someone will post this picture when someone did something which everyone dislikes. It’s a joke that is repeated over and over again in most forums. The picture is from one of Stephen Chow’s movie. It never fail to make me laugh.

I also ganna this picture couple of times by a few joker forum friends. Should I make a police report regarding those threats?

Don’t be a moron. You think forum people so free ah? Go burn your house and beat your mother? You must be crazy.

BTW, someone did a 300 version for this picture. Way cool.

PS: Can’t believe that guy only get 7 months jail and 10 years driving ban. 7 months for causing a person’s death???

“This is madness!!!!”

Just came back from Asia’s First Facebook Developer Garage.

It wasn’t really what I was expecting. I was expecting it to be a little bit more technical. But it makes me feel like its a facebook version of popout. OK, maybe I was expecting too much.

The presentation by Dr Shaun Martin from Mindwasabi was great. Was expecting more from battle stations since I’m using it. But was kinda disappointed.

At the end of the presentation, everyone break out into 3 groups. One group on technical aspect, one group on Social impact and the last one on monetization. No prize for guessing which group most of the people joined.

For me, I was wondering around all three groups. Was hoping that the technical group would go into details on developing apps on facebook. But they didn’t. Social impact has an interesting discussion going on. As for monetization, well, there isn’t anything new from the discussion. Still the same methods of having ads or hoping someone will buy your ads.

End of the day, it was a nice event. Some of them stayed back for an overnight Hackathon. I didn’t cause I need to work the next day. Plus I don’t know how to develope facebook apps yet.

Hope to see another Facebook Developer Garage soon. Hopefully by then, I could contribute a bit.

One interesting question pop into my mind today during the breakout session.

How long will facebook last? Will it become less popular someday like friendster?
I don’t know. On one hand, facebook is not just a social networking site. It create a platform for developers to write apps. And these apps will make the user keep returning to facebook.

Will facebook ever fade off?