6 easy steps to increase your website’s traffic and technorati ranking

1) Choose a current event that is having lots of media attention. (Preferably a gross human rights violation)

2) Ask all bloggers to blog about that issue on a fixed day and declare that day as International Blogger day.

3) Create nice banners and request everyone to link to your site when blogging about that issue.

4) Spread the words.

5) Sit back and watch your traffic and technorati raking go up.

6) Do nothing to help solve the issue.

Additional Notes:
* It doesn’t matter if you are of no authority to declare a day as “International Blogger Day”. Nobody will bother to check your authority.

* It doesn’t matter if someone else had declared “International Blogger Day” previously. Everyday can be International Blogger Day if there is a gross human rights violation.

* It doesn’t matter if you do nothing to help solve the issue. Everyone will think that you are promoting awareness of the issue.

* Even when the mainstream media is covering the story 24/7, it is still not enough awareness.

* We need bloggers to promote awareness in case there are people who are living in a well and has no access to any form of media except blogs.

PS: I’m concern about the events that are happening recently. But I just can’t stand it when people are trying to leverage on the current situation for their own selfish gains.


  1. I agree – raising awareness by repeating what’s been reported by mainstream media is pointless.

    A much more useful method is to find and list blogs by Burmese dissidents which is not as easy to find by media-savvy bloggers/blog-readers.

  2. dk: html code for the picture.

    i wonder how much power bloggers have over the issue, unless it;s some journalism thing.

  3. 4th Oct really does happen to be the agreed date for events regarding Burma. Yesterday, the Burmese students in NUS were giving out ribbons.

  4. mooiness: They did provide some good links. But then, everyone is aware of the situation there. The problem now is… how do we resolve it? Or are we the right people to say anything?

    I always believe that any regime change should be started and carried out by the people itself. The outsiders shouldn’t be sticking their nose into it. Look what’s happening to Iraq now.

  5. CC: I doubt we have any power over this issue.

    Arzhou: It good that everyone decide have some events regarding Burma on 4 Oct. But declaring 4 Oct as International Blogger Day is way off.

    I’m not against the movement (Although I feel that we can’t do much about it). But I’m against the way some people make use of it for their own personal gains.

  6. i guess people who have jumped on the “Free Burma” bandwagon are only answerable to themselves if they are merely doing it to drive traffic to their own blogs.

    but i personally think it’s great when people band together for a common purpose, with or without media support. the sheer number of blog posts make up the quantity of the movement, but it is the bloggers who have something to say about what’s going on in the world that add the ‘quality’ to the movement.

    don’t underestimate your own blogs, each one is a platform for a voice. as long as people can find it, you have an audience. even if it’s just one, or yourself -)

  7. Brian: I’m not saying the people who jump into the Free burma bandwagon is driving traffic to their site. They are not anyway.

    I’m referring to the organiser of that movement driving traffic to his site.

  8. i’m sorry DK, i don’t really know what the issue is when as a call-to-action, you visit the free burma site, and learn more about what’s happening there?

    the television and newspapers can only tell you what’s going on, but it doesn’t allow you to do something about it. by following the link off chillycrap’s blog i’ve found more blogs talking about it, can put web banners up and raise awareness.

    awareness is a pretty powerful thing, it’s one step closer to actually doing something about it.

    am i mis-interpretating something here? in my original comment, i meant it more like, putting up the “free burma” tag so that you can raise your search result in Google more organically, or with that intention. but if you’re doing it in support of the cause, or helping to raise awareness i think it’s a great thing -)

  9. Brian: Maybe its just me. Personally, I feel that there is no need for awareness as everyone already know about it. I don’t know if the org is doing for their own gain or really for the good of Burma. I personally feel its for their own gain, but I guess many people will disagree with me. We just have to agree to be different.

    We need solution now which I feel should only be taken by the people of Burma, not outsiders. We can only give them our support.

    Lets hope the best for the people at Burma.

  10. Hi dk/dktwin, sorry I saw this late. Interesting perspective and yeah I feel for you.

    But bo pian mah, one is free to blog or make use of an opportunity to boost his rankings. Sure it sounds cheapo, but it’s a smart strategy. No matter what people think, these “trendsetters” don’t care. At the end of the day, they get that much wanted traffic and coverage.

    The best we can do is bitch about it.

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