Presents and cake

**Should had posted this few days ago. Been busy with some stuff lately.**

Got a Birthday Card and $10 Polar voucher from my director a couple of weeks ago. Its the HR policy to give employee a birthday card and some voucher on their birthday month.

Over the years in this company, I’ve gotten vouchers from McDonalds, Delifrance and Burger King. Would still prefer vouchers from Burger King. But the uncles and aunties in my company doesn’t like it. Someone suggested voucher from supermarket like NTUC or coldstorage. I hope they don’t listen to this feedback.

Prudential send me a card as I’m a member of their PruPrestige club. Pretty nice card. Seems to be hand signed by their CEO. Don’t think the signature is printed on the card. Poor guy. Have to sign so many birthday card each month. (Or maybe he got his PA to sign on his behalf? haha.)

Starrynite gave me a ONTO Headphone and Tiesto’s In Search for Sunrise 6 CD.

Love the headphone a lot. Am using it in office now. Good for drowning out noise in the office when I need to concentrate. And also a perfect match with the Tiesto CD which I’ve been listening non-stop lately.

Starrynite also got me a ultra sinful chocolate fudge cake from *some top secret location*. Its not as famous as Lana Cake and google didn’t seem to return any results. But it smells good and taste heavenly. Starrynite was complaining about all the noise I made when eating the cake.

Can’t help ok. Who say guys cannot make orgasmic sound when eating chocolate fudge cake? Its my birthday cake and I can make any noise I like when eating. BLEAH!

The cake deco looks nice also. Starrynite and I love it. 🙂

Wondering if I should reveal the secret location of this wonderful cake shop or not. 😛


  1. I am gonna give myself to you! hahaha!

    It is always nice to have gifts and it be nicer if it is in cash. 🙂

  2. You really going to give yourself to me? Wow… great. You can start by mopping my floor then follow by cleaning the windows.

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