Oktoberfest in Singapore

Notice that there is an increasing number of Oktoberfest celebration in Singapore lately. Perhaps it is because of the Paulaner microbrewery at Millenia Walk that brings the German celebration to Singapore.

Oktoberfest is a three-week festival held each year in Munich, Bavaria, Germany during late September and early October. It begin in 1810 to celebrate the wedding of their Crown Prince. Well, the people of Munich really love to party and has been partying every year for the past 197 years.

Some people claims that Oktoberfest is a tourist trap and the food and beer sold were more expensive compared to normal days. Not quite sure if that is true. Well, who cares? So long as there is good food and beer.

I was at Vivo City last Saturday afternoon when I remember that Brotzeit (That great place which serve Paulaner Beer at Vivo City’s waterfront) is having a Oktoberfest celebration for the weekend. So I went over to check it out. Imagine having beer and meat for lunch. Shoik.

Ordered their pork knuckle. Well, how can you have Oktoberfest celebrations without pork knuckle?

Actually, this is the first time I had pork knuckle. Unbelievable right? Especially when I love pork so much.

The beer for that day is specially brewed for Oktoberfest. It goes well with the pork knuckle.

Had 0.5 litres instead of 1 litres cause I’m driving. Remember, if you drink, don’t drive. The Oktoberfest beer is stronger but rather smooth. Too bad they don’t sell this beer on normal days.

And as we are eating and drinking, a german band was playing in the background. So this is how Oktoberfest should be. Eating meat and drinking beer. Life is an enjoyment.

Don’t feel sad if you missed the Oktoberfest celebration this year. Erdinger Weissbier will brings the Oktoberfest festive spirit to Singapore between 12 Oct to 15 Oct.

Nevermind if the real Oktoberfest at Munich ends on 7 Oct 2007.
Nevermind if Erdinger isn’t one of the Brewery taking part in the real Oktoberfest at Munich.
Most people can’t tell the differences. (I can’t tell the difference too)

I’m glad that I ‘celebrated’ Oktoberfest before 7 Oct and drank the Oktoberfest beer specially brewed by Paulaner.


  1. I was there on Sunday at VivoCity and almost tempted to pop in to guzzle beer, pork knuckles and sausages. However, I brought my 4 year old son with me so didn’t want to influence him negatively… Ordinarily, my beer consumption is minimally 1.5 litre each time. And that’s for lunch.

  2. Actually, I saw quite a few Ang Moh there with their children (Some look like around 3 to 4 yr old only)

    Don’t think it will be a bad influence.

  3. Well, I arrived in Munich the very day it started, in an hotel just a few meters from Bavaria field. I was in Munich on business and my hotel was full of drunken people, some US girl knocking at my door, asking if her boyfriend was there… I went to a Brauerei to have dinner the next day, they didn’t want to serve me, the all area was reserved. Weeks later I was at the Novotel, just opposite the Singaporian Oktober Fest, I had the feeling to be followed by Oktoberfest. It was funny to see the tent near the river and gosh, of course I didn’t go. I live partly in Singapore now and partly in Europe, do you really need an Oktoberfest? Why not, maybe it is better than the real one.

  4. Hi, Darryl. It was good that you enjoyed the Oktoberfest at Paulaner but I like to point out to you a little oversight. It was not Paulaner that brought the Oktoberfest to Singapore. The first Oktoberfest in Singapore was started by Holiday Inn in 1979 and then the now defunct German Club continued before Swiss Club took over in 2000. It has been a major highlight for the Club since and is now known as one of the best in Asia with more than 2,000 guests participated every evening for three nights. A German brassband was flown in every year to make Oktoberfest at Swiss Club the undisputedly the biggest, the best and the closest to an authentic Oktoberfest held in Asia! You should join them this year with your friends – 18th to 20th September 2008; you could also join another great party at same location watching Formula One on 28th September with international buffet spread available.

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