Car broke down at petrol station

Sometimes I wonder how unlucky I can be.

Went to the petrol station to top up fuel after work yesterday. After paying for the petrol, I went back to the car, only to discover that I couldn’t start the engine. It seems like something is wrong with the battery.

Well, you might think that it can’t be that bad since I’m in a petrol station. You are wrong. The workshop at the petrol station is closed for the day. So I tried some DIY. After several unsuccessful attempts to start the engine, I decide to open the bonnet to check out what’s wrong. But well I know nuts about repairing cars. All I can do is open the bonnet and look inside.

All this while, not a single petrol station staff came forward to help. Neither did they even come over to see what is going on. By opening the bonnet, it is obvious that something is wrong with my car. So my car is parked infront of the petrol pump, blocking others to use that pump. They don’t seem to bother anyway.

Pretty pissed off with the service at that petrol station. I’m your customer. My car broke down just after pumping petrol. The least you can do is come check what happen and see if your store has anything that can help.

Nobody came forward.

I called our car workshop and they said they need 45 minutes to reach my location. So I waited…. outside the petrol station. The guy lost his way and took 1 hour to reach. The repair was simple. Just change the battery and the car is back in order. But I still need to send the car to workshop again to check if everything is alright. Am busy lately. Will have to wait till the weekends.

It was late already and I haven’t had my dinner. I could had gone into the store in the petrol station to buy some bread or something. But I simply refuse to let them have my business. Sorry, but you lost a customer.

I will never go to the Shell Petrol Station along AMK Ave 8 again.


As I was waiting for the repair car to come, I was wondering… Why can’t we use the handphone in the petrol station. Is there really a danger?


I remember a joke that says that whenever a car breaks down, the guy will always open the bonnet and look inside. Even though he doesn’t know anything about car repair and don’t know what is he looking for.

Don’t believe? Next time a guy open the bonnet when the car breaks down, try asking him what is he looking for. Most of the time, he would tell you that he has no idea.

Then why still open the bonnet? hahaha…


  1. I’m not surprised they didn’t come to help, after all, they only service you when they want your $$. There’s no money if they can’t replace your battery, ya? But I guess your question is whether there’s human compassion from the folks there… well, must have been a tough day bro. Hope everything’s back to the way it should be.

  2. I’m a frequent patron of that station so I guess it really depends on what time you are there. Some of the staff can just sit there and stone. The next thing you can do is to approach the cashier and ask for help. A simple problem like a dead battery can be solved temporarily by jumpstarting the engine. They should have one of those battery boosters around somewhere, or some fellow customer should help too!!

  3. Ben: Well, there goes our GEMS thingy.

    blue heavens: I don’t expect the customers to come help or check out what happen. But I just couldn’t stand it that the staff at the petrol station didn’t bother to check out what happen. The only contact I have with the staff there was when I ask them if anyone from the workshop is still around.

    I there during their peak hour. At some point, the petrol station is pretty crowded and busy. But there are also some times where its empty and the staff are sitting and chatting. I was there for 1 whole hour. Nobody even bother to come and check if I needed any help or anything.

    Crappy service I must say.

  4. you can’t use the cellphone in petrol station cos the sparks in the circuit inside your phone may light up the petrol vapour in the air of the station.

    So if someone calls you or sms you, you are equally doomed.

  5. CC: I don’t know how true is that leh. But I saw an article at Snopes saying that its a hoax.

    xinyun: Yeap. The least they could do is come check what when wrong. Horrible service. Am not going there anymore.

  6. Hey DK,

    I had a similiar experience before. My tyres burst while on the highway, and thankfully enough, I managed to drive, tyres flapping, to a Shell station.

    The staff at the station there actually helped me out – got the spare tyre from the boot, took the old one out, and changed it. I was pretty impressed, I remember tipping them either RM50 or RM100. The moral of the story is that if you help people, you may get tipped? Haha. šŸ™‚

    Its surprising they didn’t help you AT ALL. I mean, they could at least have tried giving you a jump start? I’m sure they at least have something somewhere. Worse case, they could just act concerned and ask you a few questions, then walk off, satisfied that they did “something”. And they didn’t even do that!

    Btw, regarding the usage of handphone igniting the whole petrol station – it has happened, but only seems to happen if people exit the vehicle, go back in, then exit again while the petrol is being pumped. Something to do with static.

  7. Josh: Wow… you drove the car all the way to petrol station with a flat tyre? I won’t dare to do that if I’m you. Don’t want to damage the car.

    Did it really happen? Mythbuster tried it also and claims that its a myth.

  8. miss loi: Which reminds me…. After the staff ask me what petrol to pump, he asked if need to clean my windscreen. Since my dad’s car always got people wash in the morning, I told him don’t need.

    In a very nice a polite tone somemore! Argh. Now I getting more pissed off by their service.

  9. “By opening the bonnet, it is obvious that something is wrong with my car.”

    This is not true. You could be topping up the windscreen water or something. The petrol station is probably the only place (besides your house carpark) where it is not peculiar to have your bonnet open. If it were the expressway, that’s a different story altogether.

    Is it very hard to open your mouth and ask for assistance? Why must wait for people to approach you?

  10. And another thing: it’s not a restaurant so I wouldn’t expect the station attendants to go around asking everyone if they need assistance or anything. In the States, most people do the topping up of fuel by themselves. How many Singaporeans actually know how to do it themselves I wonder? Do they know they have to lift up the lever on the machine before the petrol will even flow from the pump? Hmm…

  11. So far I’ve been lucky. This year alone I’ve had dead batteries, burst and smoked tyres. Of course that didn’t happen at the petrol station but I’m grateful for the help of strangers who didn’t ask for anything in return.

    If that did happen to me at a petrol station and they didn’t help, God help them when I sue them for emotional stress. That was so unnecessary.

  12. i agreed with huckerby.

    If you need help , you should make the move to ask for help and not wait to be served.

    Furthermore these pump attendants are retirees wat u expected them to do ?

  13. huckerby: I did ask them for help. That was after 5 mins of me trying to start the engine and stuff. Of cos opening the bonnet doesn’t look obvious. But imagine someone open the bonnet for more than 5minutes, and trying very hard to start the engine. It just can’t get anymore obvious.

    Yes, you are right. They are just pump attentant. We shouldn’t be expecting anything more.

  14. dieselfire: Good for you. I guess I just can’t get anymore unlucky than this.

    anon: Well, it wasn’t their job to check why the car after topping up petrol still haven’t move off. I guess I’m asking alittle too much for them to walk over to check what went wrong.

  15. well whatever it is DK… one thing’s for sure, you were really very suay! hope your luck improves for the rest of the year šŸ˜‰

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