My life is in danger

Shit… I must have offended someone on my blog. My friend forward this video clip to me yesterday. Apparently there is a serial killer on the loose and his next target is “Decayonnet”!?!?!?

Surely there can’t be another “Decayonnet” in this world.

OK, if I don’t update my blog that frequently, please make a police report.

Should I go into hiding? Or should I contact the police?


  1. DK, it was nice knowing you – at least I can tell my friends that if I see you on CNN. 🙂

    Seriously, it can’t possibly be you right because that’s halfway round the world in Miami?

  2. No la DK, I don’t dare to spam on your blog. Just very shamelessly advertising on your blog haha 😀

    I’m sure you allow it la right hahaha 😀

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