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Been trying to think of a domain name lately. It is for some project which I will be embarking when my exams are over. But most of the domain names that I come out with are registered. Can’t seem to find any that is good and available. Maybe my creativities juice has run out.

Finding a domain name is like finding name for your own new born baby. Your child is going to live with that name for the rest of his/her life. That is why finding a right name is very important. I still remember I got a friend in secondary school by the name “建仁”. Nothing wrong with the meaning, but the 2 words sound like “贱人” (Cheap person). I heard that he went to the lawyer firm to change his name on the day he reaches 21 years old.

A domain name is a branding. A name that you will be using for marketing. A name that people will recognize you as. Which is why you should try to make your domain name relevant to the things you are doing or at least think of a catchy name.

A domain name should be easy to pronounce, easy to spell and hard to misspell. And most importantly, it should be easy to remember.

That is where the challenge is. I couldn’t think of any name that matches the above requirements. I’m not really a creative person and I’m not very good with English words to come out with something catchy. All the names that I come out with so far are already taken. Perhaps I’m too late.

Actually, I thought of an interesting domain name today morning. But that domain name for the .com version has already been taken up. It was registered by some company that buy domain name to sell at a higher price. I don’t think I’ll want to waste my money buying from them.

But that domain name for .sg is still available. Am wondering…. Should I register the .sg domain name? Will there be a branding issue in the future? Especially when the .com version has been taken up.

How? Should I go ahead and register the .sg version? Or crack my head further for a better domain name? Any suggestions?


  1. Hi DK!

    Yes, I must agree that registering domain names are getting harder each day. That’s why it’s always good to register yours as soon as possible and leave it parked while you shop for an affordable or suitable web host.

    Having your own domain name is much much more than just personal branding and for marketing. It’s a way how people perceive you both offline and online. This is a very little known secret not many people here in Singapore is aware of, so you better act fast!

    BTW, having my own personalized domain name also allows me to create over 2,500 different emails under my

    You cannot register a “.sg” domain
    because it’s regulated by the government of Singapore for business use only.

    Check out the company registrar for more details:

    For the sake of marketing, never register anything other than a “.com” domain name, even if you plan to target your business or site to Singapore audiences only.

    I don’t even know your name so I can’t assist you in coming up with a name in anyway. If you like, you can approach me to see how I can assist you with coming up with a fantastic domain name.

  2. @ wai loong:

    Individuals can register for .sg domain but not (as confirmed with Cybersite, legal .sg domain seller).

    furthermore, i just got my .sg domain.

    @ dk:

    as long it’s not for business use, .sg is fine. but .com is always easier to remember.

  3. .sg is so much more expensive, it might be better to get a .net or .org, because both are more recognisable (even if it isn’t as recognisable as .com)

  4. I haven’t come around and check back how things have been going… and boy am I glad that the discussions has been so constructive so far! DK, hope you have an idea by now. 😉

    A big thanks to xinyun for pointing that out.

    Yes, “.sg” domain can be registered by any individuals but it makes little sense to do so unless you’re geo-targeting Singaporeans, Malaysians and maybe Indonesians audiences for commercial purposes.

    Given a choice, always aim for “.com”. Never pay for a “.net”, “.biz”, “.info” etc. The price is the same but branding perception by the general public is still “.com”.

    An exception is when you’re using the domain name for commercial purposes where you’ll register the same name UNDER ALL top level domains to avoid confusing your clients.

    Examples: (and probably in strategic countries as well)
    and even misspelled ones if you’re completely paranoid:
    etc etc
    Check out all the domains registered to minimize the chances for a typo mistake.

    You can do so in a package at very attractive discounts plus free whois guard whereas “.sg” registrars may leverage charges for those services. If you’re interested to know why, let me know as this can be a lengthy topic to discuss over here.

    Depending on your specific objective, your domain name should be chosen such that it contains a combination of name, brand with 1 or 2(max) common words. Never use dashes “-“.

    Make it as simple and catchy as possible by visualizing how your prospects may be typing it out as you pronounce it verbally.

    Ultimately, it’s your decision for your new domain name!

    I trust that you should have a good grasp of the concepts we’ve all been talking about here so far…

    Happy cracking! 😉

  5. pkchukiss: Yes, it is expensive. But I think it is worth the money.

    wai loong: Actually, I’m only interested in getting a .sg domain name. The most is I register the .com version too. Don’t think I want to register the rest

  6. i thought nowadays it should be easier since it seem like a trend to have names that brand through how it sound rather than what it means..

    got meebo, ning, yebber, etc. Maybe can just think of a nice sounding name would be good enough 🙂

  7. try a simple four letter .com domain.

    that’s my take. easy to remember and type. wat u write good content, pple will come to your domain, thus it doesn’t really matter if it’s meaningful, etc.

  8. when u see a domain name you really like, buy it! it cost around a big mac meal. if you dont like it later, let it go…

    actually not necessary to always get a .com I have a .org site that is doing very well!

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