Drugs. If you play, you pay.

If you go clubing, you pay for the entrance fee and beer.
If you go out for dinner, you pay for the food and drinks.
If you take drugs, you pay for the drug. But that is not the only thing you need to pay.

This is the message that National Council Against Drug Abuse (NCADA) wants to spread to the youth thru a series of campaign that will run from October 2007 to February 2008.

Litford invited me to the NCADA press conference last Wednesday morning at SMU but I couldn’t attend due to work commitments. Damn. Sometimes I wish I’m a freelancer or student who isn’t tied to the desk during office hours. Heard that it was an interesting press conference with graffiti arts by street artist Zack and his four young proteges from SMU.

This is the usual ads we see.

This is the ads after graffiti arts.

Brilliant right? I must say this is the best campaign ads I’ve ever seen. There are a couple more ads created by Zack. You should be able to see them soon on Magazine, Newspaper and bus stops. And these are real ads from companies that was being ‘vandalised’.

By disrupting the glamour of such imagery in this surprising and unexpected way, NCADA aims to deliver the message that drugs can potentially take away everything you have: your life, your freedom, your privacy, and even your future. The threat of losing everything is to convince youth who abuse drugs to stop and to convey to those thinking of experimenting, that it’s really not worth taking up.

I feel that these ads really drive the message home. Well done guys.

Besides Zack, the media also mentioned that 7 bloggers has also been roped in to help spread the message. Which is why you are seeing me blogging about this now.

But the media forgot to mention another group of people who are helping to spread the message on anti-drugs. That group of people is blog readers like you. You can do your part by spreading the message to the people around you.

Drugs. If you play, you pay.


  1. hey DK, yeah man.. sometimes it’s easier to blog when we have less work commitments -) i guess that’s why journalists and bloggers are still slightly different -)

    but i’m glad the anti-drug message meant something to you, and thanks for your support! spread the good word yo -)

  2. i wonder if the actors/models for the original ad actually consented to being used for the campaign. after all, professionally, they should have signed a contract to promote a specific product/service and this might be beyond the scope of their job. we’ll never know until we hear it from them.

    imagine if you posed for an advertisement on swimwear, and suddenly, the health promotion board hires graffiti artists to promote haemoroids awareness.

  3. Anon: I’m not sure about it leh. But I guess the ads owner has the rights.

    Anyway, its for a good cause and I doubt the models would mind. Right? 😀

  4. hmmm.. i’m pretty sure that as professional models, they would have signed released forms through their agents, and they would also know what their modeling services are being used for prior to the campaign.

  5. Unless we’re talking about dangerous drugs like heroine: the only reason you “pay” is because the government will lock you up in a jail.

    Unless you use one of the taxed drugs. The taxed drugs are fine, who cares that alcohol and cigarettes are way more harmful than cannabis.

    The advert is also totally uncool, it seems like the kind of thing that speaks to middle aged people.. the person who commissioned the ad probably; but kids hate this kind of “lets talk like the kidz. Kool man” stuff, they find it patronising.

    I hate the message and I hate the advertisement.

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