Nightmare come true

My nightmare come true. There was an error in one of the big request that I did recently. The error was rather large. So large that it is pretty hard to extract the affected data. This is going to be a headache.

Actually, I sort of expected an error to occur. The management for this request was bad. Wasn’t comfortable when doing the whole request as the requirement wasn’t very clearly stated. The sub teamlead didn’t really know what was going on to begin with.

The error occur because he gave me the wrong information.

But while one finger is pointing at him, the other four finger is point back at myself.

I could have spotted the error in the info. But it just slip pass me. I wonder if I’m careless or the scope is too big. I spend quite some time checking back my stuff, but I didn’t catch that error. In a way, I couldn’t have caught it because I didn’t expect the information given was wrong.

So here we go again. This isn’t the first time I created an error at work. And it seems that I always got the big ass error around. Is it because I’m more careless? Or the things that I do are more prone to error?

Going to be a busy day. Still couldn’t find out the damage yet. And the director already knows about it. Damn. I hate it when that group of people found error in the system. They will quickly shoot email all the way to the top. Can’t they wait till we have a clearer picture of what happen before reporting the case? Now everyone is asking for the figures which I have none.

Oh well. Its going to be a tough battle.


And when the world is falling apart, its comforting to have you by my side supporting me. Really appreciate it. You put my mind at ease.

I don’t know how long would you be there for me. Wish you could be by my side forever.


  1. Have you noticed how the poo always take one big launch to the very top, before dumping itself into you? It always seems to hurt more than the boo-boo itself is worth.

  2. pkchukiss: you remind me of a comic showing lots of birds on a tree. The top one are cleanest while the bottow ones get all the shit from about. 😛

  3. As a software engineer who has to grapple with complex business rules, ambiguous requirements and policy-makers who always like to make changes, I feel your pain.


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