Burn his house, beat his mother

It is interesting how some people interpret things online, especially in forums.

I was reading the news regarding that guy who caused the death of a car saleswoman while test driving a Mazda. The lawyer seems to be trying very hard to plea for a lighter sentence by saying how sorry that guy is and how his life has changed after the accident. Come on lah. How bad can his life be? He was still deciding between a Subaru WRX and a Volkswagen Golf GTI few months back.

Anyway, I almost fell off my chair when I saw this.

Mr Tay (The lawyer) added that Lee’s family has received hate mail and threats “ranging from burning down their house to beating up his mother”.

Burning down their house and beating up his mum? Hmmm….
Is he referring to this picture?

Those who frequent forums in Singapore would have come across this picture that has been circulating the major forums like HWZ and SPUG for quite some time. Someone will post this picture when someone did something which everyone dislikes. It’s a joke that is repeated over and over again in most forums. The picture is from one of Stephen Chow’s movie. It never fail to make me laugh.

I also ganna this picture couple of times by a few joker forum friends. Should I make a police report regarding those threats?

Don’t be a moron. You think forum people so free ah? Go burn your house and beat your mother? You must be crazy.

BTW, someone did a 300 version for this picture. Way cool.

PS: Can’t believe that guy only get 7 months jail and 10 years driving ban. 7 months for causing a person’s death???

“This is madness!!!!”


  1. Wah so what kind of sentence do you think would be fair? People say even one month jail sentence is very torture leh.

    Some more got police record forever and ever i.e. no job opportunities.

  2. 10yrs ban… should have been a lifetime.

    at the very least, he’ll have a record for the jail term, a very hard time for him to get a job.

  3. Precious: In the first place, I don’t understand why the charges has been reduced to rash act.

    Even so, the max penalty is 2 years. Shouldn’t it be at least 1 or 1 1/2 yr?

    winnilicious: agree.

    xinyun: Well, I guess his family quite rich. Shouldn’t be any problem for him.

  4. 7 months only for this reckless shithead?! I know a guy who stole 3 pkgs of 5kg rice from a provision shop. His sentence: 3 yrs jail. Now that 3 years sounds bloody harsh to me.

    Only 10 years driving ban? They should have banned him from even riding a freaking bicycle for LIFE.

  5. So it is better to lose control of your vehicle and knock into your enemies. In the process of all this, hope that it kill them in the act.

    After all, you only get 7 months in prison and ban from driving for 10 months. It is so much better than being hang for murder.

    We do have strange laws which govern us.

  6. motd: Idea. Next time, give your enemy a ride on your car. Then purposely speed and loose control of the car.

    7 months in exchange for your enemy’s life. Worth it. *evil laugh*

  7. april rain: I break your neck then u know. 😛

    Jacelyn: He already angered a lot of people when he caused the death of the salewoman. Then he up the whole thingy by shopping for a new car.

    Perhaps he is fighting with Durai for the most hated person of the year award.

  8. That guy’s life is changed all right after the accident. He cannot DRIVE anymore, that’s how his life is changed. He does not seems to show any remorse, you can tell from his face in those photographs.

    I also do not understand why the charge was reduced. Maybe the name of Lee & Lee is really powderful. Why did the DPP compromise? Why no reason was given for the reduced charge? The whole thing looked so much like a cover-up. Police dragged their feet, the stretch of roads were changed so fast that there was no evidence left. The temporary metal-plated roads were created during the construction of the MRT Circle Line.

    The defence lawyer is just creating drama to soften that guy’s crappy attitude.

    A life is lost. Justice is somehow served. Let’s hope that this is the last time we will see this guy doing any harm to anyone.

    If not, the net will return to haunt him.

  9. Spyer: Agree with you that there are a couple of things about this case which is abit fishy.

    But then, I still believe that everyone is equal in our legal system.

  10. I’d love to see some investigative reporting on who this guy really is, and see why justice was served on him so late and at such a pittance. IMO, he should have been given the full 2-year sentence.

    Uh, wait, sorry, I am dreaming.

    I’m in Singapore, not Sparta.

  11. Sicarii: I think he is confirm somebody lah. Really… too fishy already.

    How come investigation so long? Then how come suddenly so fast when forum pple notice that he buying car again?

  12. Based on the facts that…
    1) He caused a death
    2) Did not show any remorse
    3) And he still had the cheek to even ask on a forum which of 2 high performance cars to choose from…
    He should be banned from driving for life!

  13. Yes, cronies indeed.
    If LKY, LHL, HoJinx is knocked down and killed, the whole world will rejoice, and the whole Singapore will be saved from tyrant and dictator. The driver will be a hero but then he will be banish eternally.

  14. No, I think that he is a regular guy with reasonably wealthy parents. No connection to anyone. The way I see is that we have to examine the components of the accident:

    – the driver
    – the speed of car
    – the roads
    – the weather

    Besides the speed of the car, is there any other thing that could also contribute to the accident. If some other party is also responsible here, well we will never know as the case is now closed.

    Study the time line of the events, and you may see something.

  15. Paced: I personally think that banning him 10 to 20 yr of driving is good enough. After all, when you gets older, the likelyhood of you speeding is lesser.

    The thing is, 7months jail only? Isn’t that too little?

    Anon: Abit out of point leh you. 😛

  16. Spyer: Time of the event? Don’t know. Care to enlighten?

    All I see is the case has been rather quiet for nearly 2 years until he posted in forum saying he is searching for a car. Then there is public outcry. The police said they still investigating. FOR 2 YEARS LOR.

    Then all of a sudden, the investigation speed up and he was in courts in a matter of a few months.

    Fishy isn’t it?

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