Facebook Developer Garage

Just came back from Asia’s First Facebook Developer Garage.

It wasn’t really what I was expecting. I was expecting it to be a little bit more technical. But it makes me feel like its a facebook version of popout. OK, maybe I was expecting too much.

The presentation by Dr Shaun Martin from Mindwasabi was great. Was expecting more from battle stations since I’m using it. But was kinda disappointed.

At the end of the presentation, everyone break out into 3 groups. One group on technical aspect, one group on Social impact and the last one on monetization. No prize for guessing which group most of the people joined.

For me, I was wondering around all three groups. Was hoping that the technical group would go into details on developing apps on facebook. But they didn’t. Social impact has an interesting discussion going on. As for monetization, well, there isn’t anything new from the discussion. Still the same methods of having ads or hoping someone will buy your ads.

End of the day, it was a nice event. Some of them stayed back for an overnight Hackathon. I didn’t cause I need to work the next day. Plus I don’t know how to develope facebook apps yet.

Hope to see another Facebook Developer Garage soon. Hopefully by then, I could contribute a bit.

One interesting question pop into my mind today during the breakout session.

How long will facebook last? Will it become less popular someday like friendster?
I don’t know. On one hand, facebook is not just a social networking site. It create a platform for developers to write apps. And these apps will make the user keep returning to facebook.

Will facebook ever fade off?


  1. Uzyn lor. But he very busy.

    Looks like facebook developer is in demand suddenly. You are the 2nd person who ask me for facebook developer today. 😛

  2. You tried asking him lor. I passed him the other lobang today, he say he too busy.

    Maybe you can try using your “mei li” to make him do for you. 😛

  3. Nah, I know he is busy. Not rushing into things too, just want to tap on what is possible for bak2u or any other ventures 🙂

  4. consumers/ users are fickle. We’ll move on to the next big/ cool thing. 🙂 so, to your facebook fading off question – i think FB has sustainability for quite a while more simply because there are new apps (hopefully interesting ones being added every now and then- I am totally addicted to feeding my penguin in that fluffy animal thing and my bf is happily drawing graffiti on everyone’s wall ) … but once something more powerful and interesting than FB comes along, I think we’ll all move on, at least I will. 🙂

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