Do you know this 3 Asshat Ang Moh?

My blood boils when I saw this video.

Calling them bastards would be an insult to all bastard in the world. That uncle should be at least 70 years old. And this 3 asshat decided to squeeze into his trishaw which is meant for 1 person, max 2. They make fun of him and have the bloody cheek to post this video on youtube. Fucking jerks.

I’m not sure how long will the video be on youtube. So I took a screen capture of the 3 asshat.

Asshat 1:

Asshat 2:

Asshat 3 (Can’t get any clear picture):

We can’t let this 3 asshat get away easily. Can the internet be powerful enough to identify this 3 asshat and do some public shaming on them?
Lets do some investigation here. Anybody knows this 3 person?
Like which country are they from? Where do they stay? Do they have any blogs or facebook account? What company are they working at etc etc.

I’m not sure if the person who post this video is the person who recorded it. Anyone knows who is this B0Davis?

Lets come together and trace this 3 asshat. Shame them online and let their families, friends, employers and countrymen know their disgraceful actions. Let them know that Singaporeans are not pushovers.

Update 1: The video has been removed from youtube (I guess by the poster). Kinda expected since this fellow has been getting quite a lot of hate comments. Is the poster one of the person in the video? Is he removing it because of all the hate comments or because he knows that he is wrong?

One thing about the internet is that whatever you posted online can never be deleted. Someone would have downloaded it and repelicate it elsewhere. I’m reposting the video clip here to shame the 3 idiots. Hopefully someone would be able to identify them.

Update 2: B0Davis is indeed one of the 3 ang moh in the video clip. His real name is Bo Davis. The New Paper run an article on this incident. (I was interviewed by them via email too. 😀 )Let hope people who google his name will see the video clip. Shame on him.

Update 3: The Daily Mail, Britain’s second biggest-selling daily newspaper, reported this news too. Congrats to Bo Davis. You are famous now.

Update 4: After appearing on The Daily Mail, the news is now reported in The Guardian’s blog. What’s next? BBC?

Update 5: Reported on USA Today.

Update 6: Bo Davis apologised. I guess it’s time to move on guys.


  1. According to the comments from the clip, they are from UK.

    Although its dubious to me to see that this is the only clip uploaded in their youtube account.

    I have the feeling that its not them who uploaded the clip

  2. Rinaz: Well, I’m also not sure if the person who uploaded this video is one of the person in the video.

    I’m having doubts that they are from UK. At some point, I heard them speaking another language. Can’t tell what language is that.

  3. Dinu: With such video, its hard not to invite hate comments.

    But then, not sure if he one of the person in the video or not.

    BTW: My friend say they sound like Irish.

  4. This clip is titled “The slowest taxi in South East Asia” in Youtube.

    Think it should be changed to “Three of the Slowest Brains from Europe“.

  5. Three douche bags land in Singapore, and takes a trishaw ride without paying for it.

    To those three, whom are probably laughing at all the comments: don’t let karma hit you back before you die, because you probably would wish that you had paid that $10.

    I don’t believe that this is an isolated case – there surely would be many cases of these things happening off-camera: the frightening thing is that we are only able to come to know about this because they took a video of them doing it.

  6. The old man (nvm which race) have to carry those 3 Ku Klux Klan idiots and they think that he is slow.Most likely they are inbred. Inbreds have this kind of genetic deviation of being Dumb. Duh. They seriously need to get a life.

  7. Miss loi: Yes, that is a good title.

    pkchukiss: I think they did pay eventually. Its kinda gross that they still have the cheek to post such video on youtube.

    onlooker: Perhaps they thought Singapore still under colonal rule?

  8. Putera Emas: Indeed.

    Anon: The video was posted sometime in Aug. If they are tourist, they would had left Singapore by now. Still, ICA can’t stop them from leaving Singapore just because they bully an old man.

    But what we can do is trace this 3 asshat and do online public shaming on them.

    Paddy: Thanks for the video. I knew they would take it down soon. Cowards.

  9. You think Singaporeans will just lie down and take this bullshit from you ang mohs? What makes you think you’re all special? This is my country and no outsider will bully us. Shame on you and remember, what goes around comes around.

  10. the best- send e links to the uk-base forums and all. they can’t just go out of country and be bullies, then go home and be mickey mice.

  11. Anon: Actually, the thing that pissed me off the most is that they have the cheek to post this video on youtube. What are they trying to show?

    I can excuse them if they say they were drunk that night. But I’m sure they are very sober when posting that video.

  12. dk, actually, i’ve sent the link to some friends working in uk and some who are british. they’re quite horrified by these louts. so i think they’ll do us the honor of shaming these pple. it’s probably facebooked all over and in emails….the sorts. ;P

  13. imp: Great. Since the law can’t catch them, we will use the internet to shame them. Make them learn their lesson.

    Look out for today’s New Paper (31 Oct 2007). Have an article on this issue. Think the reporter managed to contact one of the guys thru youtube.

  14. pkchukiss: check out the new paper online.

    qwerty: Yeap. Hope google will help when people search on Bo Davis in the future.

    If only we know the other 2 guy’s name. 😀

  15. It tells us what type of upbringing these 3 scumbags UK angmo have. Brought shame to their parents. Telecast to the world telling how their parents have failed to teach them proper manners & behave as a human during overseas trip. Stupid of them to leave evidence of not paying when service were rendered. Dumb ass. What goes around comes around. They think they can get away so easily? Karma will hit them in 10 folds if they fail to undo the wrong to make it right. How would they feel if that old man are their dads and being filmed to be made fun of. You can betcha last dollar they won’t have the balls to try the same stunt in UK on their own kind.

  16. Hello Darryl,

    Surprised you replied so soon. When I first read of this incident via CNA(channel news asia) market forum, I was pretty upset. Knowing there’s still such scumbags around treating others like dirt, as if we owe them a living and they can do whatever they jolly well pleased. When the admin suddenly deleted the thread while i was still reading halfway, decided to find out the truth and see for myself. After watching from youtube (re-posted by ukbastard), i felt sick in the stomach. It pains me to watch that kind of treatment the elderly trishaw rider had to endure. I felt really disgusted by their behaviors. I am so glad you posted it on your blog to let others know, including the reporters. Well done! Do keep us posted if you can find the other 2 scumbag names. They owe him S$ and a public apologies. It will not be forgotten.

  17. Wai Ling: CNA forum deleted that thread? Why?

    I found a facebook account of someone by the name Bo Davis from london. Not sure if it is one of the guy there.

  18. I can’t think of a reason. Not sure why the admin deleted it. Maybe they didn’t want the thread to blow into a ‘fist fight’ or ‘name calling’ stuff…or maybe scared that the other ‘angmo’ not happy..blar blar blar

  19. Wai Ling: Too bad. It would be nice if everyone talk about this issue.

    Imagine what his families, friends, colleagues and employers will see when they google his name. 😛

  20. dk: Imagine what his families, friends, colleagues and employers will see when they google his name. 😛

    I sure hope his fellow country men, friends, girlfriends, employers and not forgetting his old parents to see what kind of ‘animals’ they really are. Sure wish there are some ways to print out their ‘mug shots’ and use it to throw darts, or even better still, toilet papers to clean everyone’s butts.

  21. Wai Ling: Great. We should spread the pictures and videos so that the chances of someone they know seeing it would be higher. Cheers. 😀

  22. hmmm looking at the video..i find it real funny 3 grown up Adult from UK cant together cant even afford 15 bucks. Hey if you 3 are looking pls dont come singapore again thanks.You are seriously not welcome back, oh and please if you have the need to come bring 15 bucks with u or maybe something u can use to cover your face too…

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