Misleading headings from The Straits Times

I always thought that only blogs in ping.sg would use misleading headings to attract readers. I was so wrong. I spotted this heading on the front page of yesterday’s The Straits Times, 29 Oct 2007. Yes, our national newspaper also has misleading headings.


For a moment I thought our Singapore swimmers finally made it big and broke one of the world records. But after reading the first few sentence of the main article, I discovered that it was actually an American swimmer who rewrote her world record IN Singapore.

This is the first time I see a newspaper heading that emphasis on the country where the sporting world record is broken instead of the country that the record breaker is from.

Seriously, who cares where the record was broken anyway?


  1. No, no, it is not misleading.

    Singapore has many “world class” facilities (according to somebody), people all over the world can come to Singapore and create “world class” records.

    Just that Singapore itself has not “citizenized” the right “world class” sportsmen yet.

    At the meantime, it will be “hit and run”.

  2. Spyer: Not misleading mah? I thought it was. Haha. OK, I should be more careful when reading headers. 😛

    Personally, I feel that it’s alright if we can win any medals. The idea is representation. Not buying medals.

  3. no lah. headline not misleading at all.

    but singapore breaks so many records all the time- the guiness world records for some longest pasta or roti prata line or something. heee. so i kinda ignore this till i remember that swimming is a very big deal in the singapore sports scene.

    so no wonder on front page lor.

  4. Er… not misleading lah.

    When I read the headlines, I knew it was a record made IN Singapore and not made BY Singaporean.

  5. I saw the headline and was like ‘wow’…but then I looked at the photo and the swimmer clearly wasn’t a local. So I didn’t bother reading the article.

  6. Yeah man! I was like hey hey!! Then only to read that it is not OUR singapore swimmers but others. 🙁

    Probably the guy is also a pingster.. too used to using misleading title! hahaha

  7. Dinu: Well… you never know right? Since we got so many foreign imports.

    Paddy: OK, so I wasn’t the only one who got misleaded by the header. That guy also a pingster? Hmmm…. possible. haha.

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