Been wanting to write about what happen last Saturday evening, but was kinda busy.


I was at MOS with a group of friends last Saturday evening. We reach there quite early and got a table. I notice this gal at the table opposite us the moment we sat down. She was wearing a low cut and looks stunning. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her.

blah blah blah blah blah….


OK, now that I’ve gotten your attention, Please visit Free Rice and do your part for charity. Thank you.

To Pingsters: Sorry for tricking you to my site. I posted an entry with normal title yesterday and there is only 6 pongs. Come on, this site deserve more attention. Please visit this site and do your part for charity.

Sorry if you feel cheated. I have no choice but to do this. Entries with normal titles just aren’t getting enough pongs in I don’t normally post misleading entries. But for the sake of charity, I have no choice but to scoop to this level. Please forgive me. And please don’t ban my site. Thx. 😀

Disclaimer: I did not go MOS last Saturday. Everything on top was fake. It never happen and will not happen. There is no gal wearing low cut. I didn’t keep looking at gals when out chiong-ing. And I’ll never agree to one night stand. I need to write that story to mislead pingsters to click this post.

Got to make this clear just in case someone pulls my ears tonight. Oh, I purposely said last Saturday evening because I was with her that evening. So I guess I’m pretty safe. Right? 😀

Went to Sitex yesterday evening after work. PC shows are like pilgrimage for a IT guy like me. Even if it is at ulu Expo, also must try to go. (PS: Ulu for me cause I stay in Jurong) At least the return journey wasn’t that bad because I got mobile broadband to company me. 😀

It seems like laptop skin is in fashion lately. See quite a number of store selling laptop skin at Sitex. Expect to see more of such store for the next PC show.

We’ve all seen laptop skin for macbook. Roger from Shuffle-Art makes great macbook skin. Too bad he doesn’t design laptop skin PC. Else I would have bought a laptop skin from him. Love his designs.

I got my laptop skin from a booth call Hipfill. Didn’t note down their booth number, but they are somewhere in the middle of the 2 expo hall. They have a wide selection of skin for you to choose. And the best part is, they help you paste the skin on your laptop free. Cool. The guy have to cut trim the skin a little as the laptop skin too big for my laptop. He even clean my laptop surface before applying the skin. Great service. If you are getting your laptop skin this Sitex, I suggest you bring your laptop down to Hipfill and let their staff help you paste the skin. But do note that they only have one staff doing this. You might need to wait quite a bit if there is a huge crowd. I was lucky yesterday because there isn’t anyone in the queue.

I settle for this simple black design since my laptop is black in colour. The effect is great. Love it. I think I have the coolest Thinkpad in town now.

Here is an interesting concept. For every correct answer, Free Rice will donate 10 grains of rice to United Nations World Food Program.

Playing vocabulary game and doing charity at the same time. Cool.

FreeRice has two goals:

1. Provide English vocabulary to everyone for free.
2. Help end world hunger by providing rice to hungry people for free.

Whoever came up with this idea is a genius.

I’ve donated 1000 grains already. What about you?

Got an email from a colleague regarding some errors in the system. Since it is high priority, I started gathering more information straight away. Halfway thru, my phone rang. It’s from the requester.

Requester: You know what is the issue right?
Me: Yes, I know.
Requester: The issue is *blah blah blah blah*

And she goes about explaining to me what happen when I already told her I know. Fine, just listen and see if I missed out anything.

Requester: This one very urgent.
Me: Yeap, working on it now.
Requester: When can it be done?
Me: Now is 12pm. Should be around mid afternoon.
Requester: Around what time?
Me: Around 3 plus.
Requester: This is very urgent leh. *blah blah blah blah*

And she starts to explain the reason why she needs it so urgently. Things like the top management need it for some reports stuff and whatever. I’m not really concern about why she needs it so urgently. All you need to do is to tell me that it is urgent and I’ll put down everything and work in it straight away. And it is not that I don’t want to be fast. But the thing involves a slow manual process of going thru the documentation to see what when wrong.

Halfway thru her explaining, I feel like telling her that I’m only able to get it done by 4pm now cause she keep going non-stop on the phone. But I didn’t.

The thing is, if it is urgent and you need the result fast, you should put down the phone as soon as possible so that I can start working on it. In case you are wondering, she is not an aunty. So young already so naggy liao, can’t imagine what will happen when she grows older.

Got an email from the oldest Asia’s Young Entrepreneur Award nominee 2 days ago regarding

At the same time, we like to share with you that BLOG2u.SG will be taking over another Blog ad network service provider to aid us in extending this service regionally.

Do bear with us as we are in the midst of ‘housekeeping’ both services (thus the quietness over the weeks) and working with more partners to give a more comprehensive coverage that brings values to the advertisers and bloggers.

Then next moment, he is up at KL with 3 meetings back to back.

Is something big going to happen in the blog advertising industry? What is he up to this time? World domination? Haha. I guess we will find out soon.

Oh ya…. The voting for Businessweek Asia’s Young Entrepreneurs Award is still on. Vote now!!

Congrats to MDA! Their rap made it to Techcrunch. WOOHOO!!!!!

In case you don’t know, Techcrunch (Note: Not Techcrush) is the 4th most popular blog on Technorati. Good job guys. Just like what MDA’s Director for Broadcast & Film Development Man Shu Sum sang in the rap:- “Singapore content, on an international stage”. Indeed….

So what’s next? US Billboard?

On a lighter note, decayonnet was being mentioned on yawningbread. Wow. 😀