Moron drivers with high beam on a rainy day

It was raining heavily on my way home just now. The rain is so big that I can’t see far while driving. This is the time when I drive at speed which I don’t usually use on an expressway. Slow. REAL slow.

And it is during this kind of bad weather conditions when you can see clearly who are the moron drivers. Its totally understandable if you didn’t keep in your lane at this kind of weather condition. Its really hard to see the lane marking at night with heavy rain. So I don’t blame drivers that can’t keep to their lanes. I just try not to have any car by my side while driving and keep at least 1/2 lane distance when overtaking. Well, I don’t really get much chance to overtake since I’m also going at snail pace.

I’m really fine with drivers who can’t keep in their lane on such weather conditions. Can understand.

The moron drivers are those who on their high beam during this kind of weather conditions. I can tell that they can’t see the lane clearly. Nobody can. That why they on their high beam, hoping that they could see the road clearer. But did they notice that it makes no difference with the high beam on? The reason why you can’t see the lane marking clearly is because of the rain, not the darkness. So even if you use stadium floodlight, you still can’t see the lane marking.

And the biggest problem with high beam is that, you will blind the eyes of the driver infront of you. The high beam lights will shine into the car infront of you, reflect on the mirror and shine directly on the driver’s eyes. Common sense tells you that you shouldn’t turn on high beam when there is a car infront of you. Well, common sense isn’t really common nowadays. And during this kind of weather conditions, the last thing you want is your eyes being blinded by high beam. Seriously, someone could get killed.

To that black Mercedes Benz along PIE towards Jurong near Jurong Town Hall Road at around 11:15PM on 4 Nov 2007: The reason why I slow down is because your bloody high beam blinded my eyes. The reason why I tap my break VERY LIGHTLY twice is because I hope you know that your high beam is causing great discomfort to my eyes. And the reason why I hold on to the horn at you while you were overtaking me is because I want to let you know that you are a moron driver. I hope you know who you are. Cause I couldn’t see your license plate clearly. If I could, I would have spend my time writing a letter to LTA and TP instead of this blog entry.

I’m really glad that I reach home in one piece.


  1. Such morons are usually those who drives put cars… I’m not overgeneralising here, but its just plain observation on the road.

    No wonder there’s such a saying that “Big car drivers have small brains”.

    Those who drive with high beam in SG should be banned from driving at night. If they can’t see the road with all the lamp post and lights, they shouldn’t be driving.

  2. moron drivers are everywhere…

    that time it was 8:30pm and this car beat the red light in front of AMK Hub and somemore it didn’t have its headlights on. The pedestrian crossing is used by lots of old people lor…

  3. claud: I used to drive big car when my dad’s business was doing better. 😛

    But it was really hard to see the road marking that night due to the heavy rain. I won’t blame anyone for not being able to see the lane marking. Even I myself find it difficult to see the markings. But the most stupid thing is he go and on high beam, hoping can see clearer.

    CC: WOW…. did it cause any accident?

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