Bring your own what? Bag? – 6 months later

Forgotten that today is the first Wednesday of the month. Its Bring Your Own Bag day again. I bet some of you have already forgotten about this. It has been more than 6 months since they implemented this scheme.

I’ve blogged about the Bring Your Own Bag Day 6 months ago. That entry won the 2007 Best Citizen Journalism Post award. The results wasn’t very impressive. 3 people bring bags vs 24 people who didn’t in 5 minutes. But ZeeZee commented that it doesn’t matter how positive the response is. At least there are 3 people


I happen to be at Holland V Cold Storage today. Didn’t know it is BYOB day until I walk pass the cashier. Since I’m already there, why not do a follow up? We know that most people wouldn’t bring their bags. But I want to find out if there is any significant increase in the number of people who bring their bag.

So I find myself a good spot at the entrance. Did the counting from 8:10pm to 8:15pm. And below is my results.

Bring your own bag 2 – 21 Never bring your own bag

Surprisingly, the results is almost similar to the results I got 6 months ago. No significant changes. Kinda disappointed. Was hoping there is an increase in the number of people who bring their own bag.

But the good thing is we are still having this event on the first Wednesday of every month. Lets hope that we would see a better results next time.


  1. Well, I bought a bag to carry the books and magazines which I always buy from Kinokuniya. No need to wait “Bring Your Own Bag Day” to do it. πŸ™‚

  2. Was at cold storage at Yishun, forgot that it is a BYOB day so took out my pink underwear to carry the cans of drinks, vegetables, 5kg rice, diskwasher, potato and some magazines.

    Eek!! Underwear?

    Ok ok .. just kidding here .. make the mood a less tense. A bit tired after reading so many blogs that were like written yesternite and today on Nuffnang case.

    Here’s a free entertainment. I have not talk about taking off my bra to carry the oranges yet. Muhahaha!

  3. HV Cold Storage cashiers dun really promote BYOB one lah.

    I think Fairprice does better.

    Also Fairprice has the 10 cents off if you purchase $10 everyday.

  4. Someone just told me “BYOB” recently as well.. but it was Bring Your Own B*tch!? I was like.. WTF?

    Great post, I missed your earlier award-winning post but having read it now it’s deserving of its award indeed.

    I thought I saw one guy taking out his underwear @ one of the Yishun ColdStorage counter… so that was you Paddy? Should have come up to say “hi” but saw that you were pretty pre-occupied with your underwear in the open!

    We shall ask superman to give you an “underwear fashion” award.

  5. nic, you have come over. There were a lot of clapping. πŸ™‚

    For BYOB day, I dont think it is the failure of the govt or the media. It is the people that just dont care and dont give a damn that is the problem.

  6. Hey Paddy.. OK now I thought I heard those people clapping also chanting “we want more” “we want more”..

    Actually on BYOB day if you actually have to PAY for the plastic bags… that’ll change everything. Singapore for you.

  7. Cobalt Paladin: Great!! *thumbs up*

    Paddy: Where got tense? You are not the person under fire mah. πŸ™‚

    It would be scary if you use your underwear. I think the govt might even cancel the whole BYOB thingy because of that. πŸ˜›

    KM: I guess so. After all, NTUC is under Govt. Cold Storage isn’t.

  8. Nic: Are you sure you aren’t one of the person who is also chanting “We want more”? πŸ˜›

    KM: One day per month, people already KPKB liao. You still want everyday?

    Arzhou: Yes, that why we got ERP. πŸ˜›

  9. Doing it One Month a year, it might actually drill it in people’s head.

    Some pple just avoid going on wednesday, they can avoid 1 month? :-p

    I read a few days ago an article that surprised me. Did you know that Plastic Bags are banned in Rwanda (and many African countries)! I was like uh.. But its true! You can do an online search. It’s against the law to have plastic bags like chewing gum in Singapore!

  10. KM: If we going to ban plastic bag, then we need to also find a replacement.

    For most Singaporeans, we reuse the plastic bags for holding rubbish before throwing down the chute.

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