Too Long For Twitter, Too Short For Blog #9

After a long hiatus, the “Too Long For Twitter, Too Short For Blog” series is back.

Vote for Marina’s Bloggariffic
Rina is nominated for 2007 Webblog Award – Best Asian Blog category. Go vote for her now. This is your last chance as voting will close on the 8th Nov. Everyone must support Rinaz. Cause she say she will treat me coffee at Geek Terminal if she win.

Ikea hacker
We heard of computer hacking. Have you heard of Ikea Hacking?

If you think STOMP was bad enough
There are quite a few posting in Stomp about policemen making mistakes like sleeping in carpark. Some people defended the police officer. Well, Singapore’s policemen are lucky that they haven’t encounter this guy yet.Super addictive game
This is another super addictive game. You have been warned.
Try play the multiplayer game once you unlocked it. More fun to play against human.

MM Lee: We do not trace you on Yahoo or Google
You heard the man. He said they will not be tracing us on Yahoo or Google. well… maybe they are using Alta Vista? 😛

Slapping game
A good game for destress.

Facebook Song

I can poke you, you can poke me too.
Come poke me at my facebook.


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