Worker Party = Wayang Party?

Congrats to the workers party. They finally got themselves a hate blog. Well done. It’s not easy to have a hate blog specially dedicated to you. I want also don’t have. 50 years of hard work by the party finally paid off.

There is an interesting article about someone pasting poster scolding Worker Party near their recent 50th anniversary dinner venue. The best poster must be the one with a picture of Malay puppet show with the tagline “Stop the WAYANG KULIT now. What has the WP done since GE2006?”

hhmmm… Good question. Well, they can’t even hold a cycling event at ECP to begin with. What can they do?

I was reading the ongoing discussion in forum. Someone counter question “What has the PAP done since GE2006?”

Well… I say: Minister pay hike, ERP hike, GST hike, Transport fare hike, CPF withdrawal age increase….

Did I miss out anything? PAP did so much for Singapore after GE2006. Yet we see some heartless jerks asking such question! *PUI* You should be ashamed of yourself. They’ve done so much for us. Still not enough? You mean you still want more?

Oh ya… They EVEN DID hip hop during Chingay!


  1. Ah yes, PAP has done so much in jacking up the fees. We’re doing so wonderfully well, aren’t we?

    Oh my, a hate blog. Gosh, it sure ain’t easy to garner such a huge following on hating that party until you can get a blog dedicated to hating it. Well done!

  2. roy: Tolong tolong. Cannot take it anymore lah.

    xizor2000’s evil twin: Oh ya… almost forgotten about that. Thx for adding.

  3. Yaw Shin Leong: Wow. Thx for visiting my blog. 😀

    wishbone: Some hate blog just simply throw insults at you without anything constructive. But for this hateblog, it is mostly writing about things that WP is doing wrong.

    Which is good in the sense that someone is helping WP by spotting their mistakes. All WP need to do is to go to that blog to read, and see what areas they need to improve on.

    I must say that WP is lucky to have such a hate blog. Now all they need to do is to manage it properly. Cheers.

  4. Sure Wp is doing a lot. Just that it isn’t publicized that much by the media.

    At least Wp isn’t doing stuff like what you have quoted above..


  5. Aaron’s Evil Twin: You mean WP don’t do things like ERP hike, GST hike and minister pay hike? They don’t even bother to do Hip Hop during Chingay?

    They do other things?

    Then it’s not worthy to be publicized by our media.

  6. The PAP will “LOSE” a GRC to the WP at the next GE.

    The peasants will be overjoyed and convinced that elections is the slow yet sure way to overthrow the PAP, and the PAP will be able to continue its rule for another 20 years or even longer.

    Chiam is old and Low is after all a Mandarin speaker, who else than Sylvia Lim or Yaw Sin Leong can be better candidates for the replacement as the new modest and constructive “Opposition”?

  7. Anon: Hope so lah.

    WP lose out on votes from Malays and Indians. They need to target the non-chinese too. Do agree that Sylvia and Yaw Sin Leong are capable candidates. I think Mr Low also have plans to handover the leadership to the youngsters.


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