Angel in disguise

Sometimes, its the little nice gestures by complete stranger that warmth your heart.

I was looking for a parking lot last Saturday when I saw this Indian gentleman walking towards his car. Knowing that he is about to leave, I waited nearby for his parking lot. He walked over to the side of my car and waved at me with a parking coupon in his hand. He asked if I needed a parking coupon as he is leaving and has torn extra 1 hour worth of parking coupon. I got the parking coupon from him after thanking him.

It’s a small gesture. But I appreciated it greatly. He could have just thrown the extra parking coupon away. But he gave it out to a complete stranger. I was kinda surprised by such kind act. I couldn’t think of words to thank you enough.

To the kind gentleman at Jurong West St 25 carpark on 10 Nov at around 1:30pm: Thank you so much for the kind gesture. You made my day. This song is for you.


  1. Although I dont drive but I witness a few of my friends doing the same thing to others. 🙂

    Hey, maybe you can post it at (Compliments) to share with others too.

  2. eh, for your case, this stranger left early. Couple of months back, my fren drove to Geylang and park at the side of the road. It’s legal btw as it was a designated parking space. We didn’t put coupon. But guess what, when we came back, there was coupon on the windscreen. And this was the case for several other cars behind ours. Guess some kind soul must have put that.

  3. gizmore: Wow. Interesting. Could have been done by the shop owners around that area. Cause if patrons ganna parking summons, they might not wanna visit that place again. 🙂

    public educator: Yeap yeap. 😀

  4. Paddy: You better don’t buy car. Else I’ll put my photo on it so that it gets towed away and push to the sea! *Evil laugh*

    Anon: Does that matter?

  5. Imagine, this is something that will never happen with Cashcard parking… Oh, sometimes technology can kill the nice things we used to do!

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