Bo Davis apologised

Saw a posting by Bo Davis apologising for what they had done.

I have already sent 2 apologies out on you tube. But I’ll apologise again. As I don’t think many people have seen it.

When I look back at the video it does look very bad. I offer my sincerest apologies to Mr Lee, his son & everyone that has been offended. It was very disrespectful and insensitive to make fun of an old man. If you knew us you’d realise that we are actually nice guys.

On that night we’d had a few beers (slightly drunk), and needed to get back to our hostel. So we began walking up the street looking for a taxi. The trishaw driver was waiting at the side of the road and suggested we take his taxi. At first we declined as we wanted an actual car, but he insisted we got in. I thought ok, I’d never been on one before and told him our destination. He said $10 which was fine.

After setting off I did start laughing, I was a little drunk and thought it was funny how slow we were going. I did actually ask the driver if I could peddle before we got the camera out.
So after travelling hardly any of the distance agreed, I could see that it was stupid for us to continue and said we should get out. We’d only travelled around a quarter of the agreed distance so I at the time I thought $5 was reasonable. Bearing in mind that we’d just come from Thailand where drivers initially charge way over the odds and it’s customary to haggle the price.

I don’t know why Mr Lee is saying we didn’t pay, when in the end we gave him the $10. I know I was laughing but I wouldn’t dream of not paying for the ride! That would be unforgivable. The camera cuts out before we actually leave the trishaw but I can guarantee everyone that we paid the $10 before we left.

My upmost apologies again go out to Mr Lee and his son. If it were my dad with 3 young guys laughing at him, I’d want to find out who they were and speak my mind. But can I just confirm again that we did pay!

Best Regards

I understand that some of you are till angry with the 3 guys. But I guess it is time to move on. The trishaw uncle isn’t angry with the 3 fellow. Bo Davis has apologised. The 3 of them got what they deserved. Try googling for “Bo Davis UK” and you will get what I mean.

I think this incident is a small sneak preview of what the new media can do. After the video was posted on, tons of blogs and forums begin talking about it and condemning the 3 fellows. The incident was so widely talked about in the new media that it was even being reported by both local and international newspaper agency.

It is impossible to ask the 3 fellow to fly back to Singapore specially to apologise to the uncle. It’s the thoughts that count. They have already apologised on the internet. And most importantly, they admit to their mistakes. I guess we have more or less achieved what we wanted. Lets hope this sort of incident won’t happen again. But if it does, I’m sure the new media will stand up for our fellow countrymen again.

Its time to move on.


  1. I thought it was very big of Mr Lee to have forgiven them already and moved on long before the video broke on youtube and caused such a hooha. Yes, I agree that the power of the new media is NOT to be underestimated. Gives me fresh hope about the political reform in Singapore. One day…

    I am also touched that people as a whole are just, as can be seen by the outrage at the three boys. Da bao bu ping indeed!!

  2. Rachel: I’m surprised that he has forgiven them already. Makes us feel so ashame. We got so much to learn from him.

    Nicole: Yeap yeap. Moving along.

    Public Educator: Just some kids quarreling for the sake of quarreling. Let them be.

  3. Man, this is no apology!!

    Time to move on? How to move on when there are three heavy bastards sitting on one trishaw peddled by an old man?

    These are evil humans. They have to be dealt with no matter where they are.

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