What is wrong with the Ang Moh in Sg?

After the trishaw incident, we get Ang Moh at TPY bullying students. Perhaps we should sometimes remind them that Singapore is no longer a colony.

I don’t know what exactly happened here. You can read the full story at her blog. (Which I can’t seem to permalink. Try look for the article on 15 Nov 2007.)

My bag hit the woman accidentally and i didnt even realize that my bag hit her. She then used her umbrella and attacked me from the back. Now put yourself in my shoes. If someone attacked you from the back, will you talk to the person calmly or will you fight back immediately? Moreover, i did not even lay a finger on her at all, yet she was accusing us (me and my friend) for hitting her frist. And hey, i DID apologize to her even after she hit me! If apologizing could solve the matter, i wouldn’t be in such a sticky situation now.

Plus, bumping into one another in a crowded area is something extremely common. And i did not deliberately bump into her. It’s an accident! If she dont wanna get bumped into then i think she should really just stay at home.

Yes, this might be just one-sided, then why did they couple refuse to talk when the police arrived? Worst, they refused to give the police their identification! Now, will a normal person dare to rebel against the police? If i am not wrong, they got arrested on the spot.

Whatever i’ve said is true. Whether to believe it or not, it’s up to you.

You will be the judge.

Interesting, you can actually refuse to give your identification to the police. Really? Wow. Didn’t know singapore is such lawless.

Don’t really want to add any comments to this incident since most of the information we got is from one side and the video only shows the arguement after the actual incident. I choose to believe her as I don’t see any reason for her to lie. Anyway, judge for yourself.

But I’m glad that Singaporeans actually stand up for fellow citizen at times like this.

PS: Coincidentally, I bump into an Ang Moh bully yesterday at a supermarket. We stared at each other for a couple of seconds before I rush off to catch a movie. I guess I’ll choose Stardust over helping his parents teach him a lesson on manners. Perhaps more on that in another entry.


  1. i dunno if i should be saying or thinking in this direction, but see, our demography makes up of CMIO, with O inclusive of Caucasians. If we are judging the incident and making comments just because he’s an ang moh, then isn’t it the same as when we say bad things about just any other ethnic group?

    The fact that he’s an ang moh should not come into consideration in the discussion of the incident. That’s what I think.

  2. Arzhou: I thought so too. Strange right?

    Foxtwo: It looks like the POSB bank next to the NTUC.

    CC: Agree. But the trishaw incident and this incident. Plus I ganna one yesterday. Can’t help but make such remarks.

  3. A person may refuse to give his identification card, but if he/she fails to give proper identification, either verbally or in writing, the person could be brought back to the police station in order to verify their identity.

    Well, that was the procedure from when I was a PNSF.

  4. I don’t think that this incident is the foreigner versus local kind of thing, but that lady displayed in the video is plain rude.

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