Businessweek Asia's Young Entrepreneurs award

I was browsing thru the nominees for Businessweek Asia’s Young Entrepreneurs and found quite a number of familiar faces. Interesting to see so many entrepreneurs around me. Make me feel like starting my own business. Haha.

Congrats to Uzyn and Henry for making into that list. Wah…. Businessweek leh. Don’t play play. I’ve been a user of and bookjetty for some time already. Nice to see both of them in the award.

Wait…. Paddy is in the list too. This guy has made it to almost every media in the world from CNN, CNBC to WSJ. Now businessweek? OEI, give others a chance lah. Stop hogging the news.

And how come Paddy is in the Asia’s Young Entrepreneurs Award? He still young meh? At 32, he is the oldest nominee for the award. 32 years old still can consider young meh? You got to be kidding right? Define the word “Young”.

OK, maybe they included him in the list because he sings “Forever Young” by Alphaville every morning. His wife told me his singing is horrible. But who cares? We choosing entrepreneurs here, not singers.

OK OK, jokes aside, Paddy is a brilliant entrepreneur. His got a chain of companies under his belt like Petbak, Bak2u, PhoneBAK, Verey I and GadgetTrak. And most recently, a blog advertising company call Blog2u. Among the 25 nominees, I think Paddy is the most deserving winner. His PhoneBAK and Verey I are doing very well and GadgetTrak is picking up.

My votes go to him.

Vote Paddy Tan Lek Han ( for Businessweek Asia’s Young Entrepreneurs award.

Disclaimer: This is a paid advertisement. Paddy promise to treat me a cup of Mocha at Geek Terminal if he wins.


  1. Hey there! Sorry for the late reply. Still in bangkok and trying to copy with the reality that I am in 🙂

    Coming back tonite.

    Will definitely treat you kopi lah .. but seriously being in it is already a big mile stone for me personally. 😉

  2. Very late comment on this post, but all I wanted to say is that the description of “youth” in SG is anything under 35.

    It is kinda warped (in fact, really warped), but if the gahmen says so, who are we to veto it??

    All the “youth achievement” awards tend to go to people who are already 30 or more. It’s strange.

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