Ready for the big night

Oops… Sorry, wrong picture. Not this kind of big night.
(Got this picture from the NUS toilet cubicle door. Looks like NUS students got a bigger night than me)

Anyway, tonight is the big night for me. I’m going to take the last exam paper in my entire whole life TONIGHT. (Provided that I pass this module) WOOHOO!!

I’m excited. Am so close away from freedom. No more exams for the rest of my life. No more studies. No more boring lecture. No more shitty lecturer. Celebration!!

Wait….. I haven’t finish my exams yet. Shit…… still need to revise for that last paper. Sianz…. Going out for breakfast then go to my school library for the last revision.

Spartans! Ready your breakfast and eat hearty… For tonight, we dine in hell!

Dad was asking me if I got any intentions to take Masters after my Degree. He must be kidding. I have enough of studying already. No way am I going to take Masters. Over my dead body!!!


  1. now u know why arzhou mugs in school till night right? everynight is big night for him!!

    anyway, now u have no mood for masters, you can’t be sure next time if u want to upgrade yourself as well~

    and all da best for ur paper~

  2. Err… I dun think the poster in NUS is correct.. You think all the muggers and nerds in NUS really have that BIG nights ah?? Cannot lah.. NUS students are damn boring one.. Do you need an example?? :p

    Anyway.. good luck for your exams man.. Hope you graduate soon, and belanjah us kopi at GT.. :p

  3. xinyun: Thanks.

    CC: Don’t worry. Don’t think I’ll ever have the mood for masters. Maybe take cert or course.

    ntt: Pls show example. 😀

  4. Young businessman: thx. 😀

    tstar: Could be both? 😛

    rinaz: Wow…. still got pom pom? Thx.

    Missy: It’s never too late. 🙂

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