Confident that I'll fail my exam

Never in my life have I ever walked out of the exam hall with so much confident that I’ll fail my exams. Seriously. From Primary One all the way to Polytechnic year 3 and also for the past 3 years in my part time degree course. Never had such feeling like today. It was very bad.

All the topics that I revised didn’t appear in the exam. I concentrate mainly on the topics that were in the revision tutorials and also some topics that I feel are important. None of the questions are related to those topic. Not a single one.

In fact, after reading thru the exam paper, I even flip to the first page to confirm that I got the right exam paper. Shocked that none of the questions that I studied appeared in the exam.

I should be celebrating now if I didn’t do so badly for the paper. After all, it is supposed to be the last exam in my entire lifetime. Looks like it is not the last. Now I’m wondering if I’ll need to retake the whole entire module or just retake the exam. Either way, it’s going to delay my degree. And to make things worst, this stupid module is only offered in the July semester. Which means I can only wait till Nov 08 to retake the exam. That will delay my degree for ONE WHOLE YEAR.

Feeling damn shitty now.

OK, I know that I haven’t seen the results yet. But even a optimistic person like me thinks that I will fail, I think my chances of passing is pretty slim.

Anyway, no point ranting too much about this. It’s over. All I can do now is pray that the bell curve is able to save me. I doubt so, but then, praying is free. So no harm trying.


  1. CC: Yeap. But I’m starting to feel that I didn’t tried hard enough. Feeling shitty now. Damn.

    Pris: True. And I think I still have another battle to fight when I got my results. Sigh.

    Anon: Errr… who are you ah? 😛
    But only a few questions from TMA appear in the exams. Most of them are other topics which tutorial didn’t concentrate on.

  2. Ai ya… you will pass one lah… I lost count of the no of times that you say you might fail but you still managed to pull through… Hope it will be just like those other times… 🙂

  3. tstar: Ya, I guess there is nothing else I can do but wait for the results. (And praying and keeping my fingers crossed)

    Zhenzhen: I only said that 2 times. And this time I more confident leh. Sigh.

  4. who say one?

    you didn’t do your TMA. Question 1, 3, 4, 5 is almost 90% exactly similar to TMA 2 and 3.

    Ha ha. You didn’t attend tutorial lar. Opps…

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