Goodbye Wireless@sg

Wanted to call this entry “Why wireless@sg has failed?”. But I guess I don’t have the rights to declare that it failed. Besides, only a handful of my friends encounter problem with wireless@sg frequently. A large number of people still think that it is very reliable. Maybe they are plain lucky. Or they didn’t use wireless@sg as frequently as us. I’ve complained enough about wireless@sg. I rest my case. If you are interested, you may check out how many times I complaint about wireless@sg.

Anyway, this entry is not for debating whether wireless@sg has failed or not. Instead, this entry is to let everyone knows that I will not twitter to complain about wireless@sg again.


Because I’ve just gotten myself a mobile broadband plan from Singtel. WOOHOO!!!!
No more searching for wireless@sg connection. No more cursing and swearing whenever wireless@sg disconnect me.

Recent events made me realise that I can’t depend on wireless@sg anymore. And some of the things that I’m about to embark on requires me to be connected while on the go. I can’t let wireless@sg ruin my opportunity. And I’m left with no choice but to subscribe to mobile broadband. Goodbye wireless@sg. I have enough of your nonsense.

I know most people are using M1 mobile broadband. But I choose Singtel because they are cheaper. On top of that, as a Singnet user, I’m given additional 30% discount. And the best part is, they give me the modem for free. (12 months contract)

The only thing about Singtel’s mobile broadband is that their modem only includes 1 short USB cable. They don’t have the useful ‘L’ shape USB. I wonder if they sell this in Sim Lim Sq.

Oh, this entry is posted using Singtel mobile broadband at HDB hub. There is Wireless@sg connection here. But I lazy to connect. My friend tried wireless@sg here and complained that it’s very laggy. So he took out his M1 mobile broadband. Seriously, how to work using wireless@sg?

Hmmm…. perhaps I should try surfing net on the train later. Wonder if it is stable when on the move.

Update: Tried surfing on train. Network still very stable. Didn’t notice any drop in speed. Cool stuff. Am loving it. 😀


  1. Xueyu: They work oversea too. But need to pay extra charges. Check out the roaming rates before you sign up.

    Personally, I think Singtel has a better deal. For $22+ plan, Singtel gives free 10gb while M1 only give 5gb. M1 contract is 3months (i think) while Singtel is 1 year. But the good thing about Singtel is that they give you the modem free. M1 only lend you the modem. You need to return after you end your subscription with them.

    But the dangerous thing about Singtel is that if you exceed the 10gb limit, the extra usage is VERY EXPENSIVE.

  2. my colleague is on Singtel too and he uses it a lot, and has not gone over the 10GB. he calculated it is quite diff to get over 10GB.

    i am on the green company’s plan. i only use it for facebook and gmail on my mobile, so the $5 plan is more than enough. had it for a few months already and never exceeded the $20 credit they give. LOL.

    it’s much more convenient with GPRS isn’t it? no more looking for hotspots. that’s so last year. :-p

  3. haha.. my colleague said he surfed like mad also has not finished.

    unless you are downloading solaris OS or something like that! haha..

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