Life is fragile

Recent events reminded me that life is very fragile. You may be alive one moment, and gone the next. Just like what happen to the 5 dragon boat rower. Who would expect that race is their last. Well, that is life. You never know when you are next in queue.

Couple of weeks back, a colleague of mine fainted in office and was admitted into hospital. I heard that he has some acute bleeding in the brain due to cerebral arteriovenous malformation. As of now, he is still in hospital. Although his condition has slightly improved, he is still unable to talk. His family members created a facebook group to keep everyone updated on his progress and pray for his speedy recovery.

I donโ€™t really know him personally. I only remember liaising with him once or twice a few years back on some work issue. Iโ€™ve seen him several times in office but never spoke to him. I wish he would get well soon.

Life is fragile, treasure every moment while you still can.

Sometimes, Iโ€™m worried that I might just die or went into coma suddenly without warning.
What will happen if that day comes? Will anyone setup a facebook group for me?
Who is going to update this blog for me?
Perhaps I should create a word document in my laptop with instructions on what to do if I suddenly die or went into coma. Things like my blog login ID and password so that someone can help me update everyone on what happened.

(Wah ciao. Going to die liao still think of blogging! Siao ah!)


  1. Life is indeed very frajile, just go do the things that u really want to accomplish(stop waiting till tomorrow), care for the people you cherish everyday, go express yourself to the one you admire( dont worry about the outcome), and like Paddy Tan said, live to the fullest everyday.

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  2. I was just thinking about the same thing about my blog id, and who can log in and update others about me should anything happen to me. That’s because I just went to a funeral wake and the death was really sudden.

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